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WAPWhatsApp is a great modded version of the original app. The WAP WhatsApp is amazing for its attractive features and functions. Interestingly, it is 100% free for Android users. It keeps all the features of the existing original app with additional features.

You can do the same things as WhatsApp like messaging, chatting, audio, and video calling. A great option is to change the center’s size, length, and quality with a modded app. Therefore, it is an amazing messaging and communication app and tool.

About WAPWhatsApp

WAPWhatsApp is one of the popular Whatsapp mods such as GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp, and OGWhatsApp that is defined by managing many important details including privacy and file sending. The many brave android developers of WAPWhatsApp have updated this mod by releasing a new version with various modifications and functions.

WAPWhatsApp is an example of a very interesting mod because, despite the betting mods released by the North American organization, its development was not based on a stable version like most mods. Therefore, it uses specific capabilities that are not wrapped around the implementation.

With security and privacy in mind, WAPWhatsApp is believed to be 100% safe and secure. Don’t worry about harmful viruses harming your device. It is free of malware. Moreover, this application carefully handled all international legal issues. So that users do not face any problems.

Functions of WAPWhatsApp

You can download WAPWhatsApp to use the exclusive features of this mod by releasing new versions. You can video deleted WhatsApp statuses and use the hidden chat feature when you install WAPWhatsApp.

The visual aspect of this stable version of WhatsApp will make you fall for it. Download the latest version of WAPWhatsApp on your phone to use the stable version. You can download WhatsApp status on your device with the help of this modified version of the same WhatsApp.

This is a fully customizable WhatsApp mod by WAPWhatsApp programmers that gives exclusive features and free download. Now you can download different WhatsApp themes from this WhatsApp mod library and install them on your Whatsapp. More than 150 unique themes are available in this WhatsApp mod library. Download WAPWhatsApp as there are more than 50 logos that you can change with this Whatsapp Logo Mod.

Get an Instant Messaging Apps

There are many mod versions available in the market but WAPWhatsApp is amazing for its unique functions and features. WAPWhatsapp has a very beautiful and unique interface as compared to the official WhatsApp. In this WhatsApp app, you can add custom themes, logos, fonts, patterns, bubbles, blue flags, and more.

All these features help to improve the productivity and operation of the first application. We are introducing new features and small changes that focus on giving the user more freedom to interact with chats and messages. The WAPWhatsApp programmers have modified the visual appearance of the user interface by introducing new shapes and text styles, re-types, and resizing.

Use Google Sans Font Style and Group Message Counter

There are various mods that are used by numerous users. In other WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and WhatsApp Plus, you will not find three distinct packages. To download the latest version, you should understand that you will have three distinct packages.

Features of WAPWhatsApp

Anti-delete messages: Don’t worry about deleting people’s messages after they’ve been sent to you. This feature allows you to read all the deleted messages because they are still there.

Hide text status: In the official version of WhatsApp, the text status is shown below the name of the contact, while in WAPWhatsApp APK you can hide this status from the public with a simple setting activity.

Hide Status: Hide your personal status from this site and choose a specific person that you think can see this status. In addition, users have the opportunity to know the status and condition of those who are trying to hide from them. The cool thing is that the other user doesn’t even know that you’re watching their story.

Backup Features: Sometimes, we lose our important conversations due to small errors. So, WAPWhatsApp provides you with the only way to get all your important data back. It doesn’t matter how much data is stored in the file you want to back up. Also, you can use this feature to recover your lost photos and videos.

Chat without saving the number: The official version of WhatsApp does not allow you to chat without saving the number. Therefore, we have a lot of numbers that we do not want to save on our phones. WAPWhatsApp allows us to fulfill this requirement by following the same steps used for secure communication.

Save Status: You can save the status of your contacts in this integrated mod by clicking on the download button labeled there in this (APK download). Numerous users figure out that this feature should be in the official app but still it is not available.

Auto Reply: Set a custom text and when you are offline, this private message will be sent to anyone who texts you at that time. WAPWhatsApp effectively intriguing modifications in the new versions to get more and better features for every single WhatsApp user.

Emojis: It has a huge collection of pre-made stickers. In addition, you can add more stickers for free from Google Play Store. If you have recently installed this app, then you will notice many new privacy functions because the official app strictly follows the instructions.

Download Status: No need for additional apps, now you can download the status of anything directly, be it a video or an image. Also, you can copy the caption.

Group Features: The latest version of WAPWhatsApp has some unique features designed only for Group Administrators. You can see who is active and how many messages have been sent to the group.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WAPWhatsApp


Install WAPWhatsApp to get multiple user interfaces for your WhatsApp account. You can make your WhatsApp chats good by using all its powerful features. The android programmers have added more and better functions such as you can use the anti-status delete feature which is not in the official WhatsApp because it strictly follows the instructions.

You can use advanced privacy features and send videos with a large video size. In this modified app, the more prominent privacy details you will find. You can hide writing status, send copying messages and get different user interfaces in the most intriguing modifications.


You will not find the WAPWhatsApp on the Google Play store so you will have to download WAP WhatsApp from a third-party website. Moreover, if you have recently installed WAPWhatsApp but it became outdated, then you will have to update the app manually.

Download the Latest Version of the WAPWhatsApp APK File

Click on the download button labeled on this page to download WAPWhatsApp on your phone. Go to the settings and enable unknown sources to install WhatsApp mod and find the downloaded APK file from the download folder.

Tap on the install button to start the installation process. You can also use the same method to download WAPWhatsApp in an updated version because the android programmers are updating this mod by releasing new versions.

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