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An amazing WhatsApp mod with many additional features.



Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. You will love to use this mod APK due to its features. Fouad WhatsApp APK was developed by Fouad Mokdad to provide the users of WhatsApp with many features.

These features are not available in the official WhatsApp that’s why you will probably download Fouad WhatsApp till the end of this article.

About Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad WhatsApp APK is one of the most popular WhatsApp mods. Same as other WhatsApp mod apps, Fouad WhatsApp also comes up with awesome features. The developers of Fouad WhatsApp make the original WhatsApp version more interesting by adding many additional features.

The lack of features in the official app was the reason to created this mod. The anti-ban feature in the new version of the app adds security and never lets you get banned from the official servers.

Why Do People Download Fouad WhatsApp?

There is a lack of some features that must be in the original WhatsApp. That’s why people prefer to download this app over the official app. There are more features you will see in this app such as anti-ban, customizing the main screen, and changing the Wallpaper WhatsApp.

There are many other things that people can not do on WhatsApp. When you download this modded app, you can do all the things that are not in the native app. You can download many themes in the zip file and use them later. That’s why people download Fouad WhatsApp.

Why is Fouad WhatsApp Popular?

Fouad WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod just like FM WhatsApp with many features. People love Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version because this messaging app has many more amazing functions than WhatsApp messenger.

If you normally install apps for chatting then you must know that using WhatsApp is quite boring and you have some limitations when you send media files that’s why people download Fouad WhatsApp. You can also install it from the download links here.

Functions of Fouad WhatsApp

One of the basic functions of the Fouad WhatsApp app is you can use this mod without any guidance. It is so much similar to the original WhatsApp. Moreover, you can change the background color or the text color according to your wish.

Just like other WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and OGWhatsApp, you can also view and save the statuses of your contacts on your android devices without letting them know. You can also read the deleted messages to know what your friend deleted after sending you.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Anti-Ban: Fouad WhatsApp APK has an anti-ban feature that helps you not get banned from the official servers. Now you can easily download and install this amazing mod without the problem of being caught by the original app.

Data Backup: Sometimes you need to use your WhatsApp on another device. You can backup your data on WhatsApp and whenever you need to open your Fouad WhatsApp you can easily upload the chat backup and start using your WhatsApp account same as on the old device.

DND Mode: Fouad WhatsApp app has DND (Do Not Disturb) mode which allows you to use other apps on your android device without getting notifications from your Fouad WhatsApp. In this way, you can get rid of unwanted phone calls and messages from your contacts on Fouad WhatsApp.

Themes Store: In Fouad WhatsApp, you are provided with a theme store from which you can select any theme for your app. There are a lot of beautiful themes that can make your WhatsApp more beautiful and attractive.

Launcher Icons: When you open the original app, you see an icon that represents WhatsApp. Download this mod so that you can change the launcher icon when you open WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler: In many WhatsApp mods, you will see this feature that will remind you to send a message at a specific time.

Live preview of color changes: Fouad WhatsApp APK provides you with the ability to change the colors of your text, header, and other sections. Not only this, but you can also live to preview these changes that will help you to select the suitable color for the chat screen of the app according to your choice.

Hide Media: Sometimes, we give our phones to our friends and later we realize that there are many secret media files that should not be seen by others. This fear can be taken away by downloading Fouad WhatsApp latest version. You can use this app and do not allow the phone gallery to keep your WhatsApp data.

Emojis: There are many packs of new emoji variants in the Fouad WhatsApp mod that you can use in your chatting to make your chat screen interesting. The emoji variant is one of the best mod features.

Anti Delete Messages: Sometimes you are busy and your friend sends you a message that you ignore from the notification icon. When the other person deletes that message you will not able to read it in the normal WhatsApp anymore. But in the Fouad WhatsApp, you can read that deleted message.

Share Images in HD Quality: When we send images to someone on WhatsApp, the pics lose their quality. But not anymore you will face this problem. By using the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, you can send your images in their original quality.

Hide Blue Ticks: In the official version of WhatsApp, you can not hide your ticks when someone sends you a message and your internet connection is ON. But when you download the latest version of this Fouad mod, you can not only hide blue ticks but also double ticks.

App Lock: This is one of the best security features that can protect your media files and chat history. Download Fouad WhatsApp and set a password lock to open your app.

Message Anyone: In the official WhatsApp, when you want to send a message to someone, you will have to save that person’s number on your phone storage. With Fouad WhatsApp, you can send a message to anyone even if that person is not on your contact list.

Send Different Media: You can send different media to your contacts. You are allowed to send pics, videos, emojis, Gifs, and documents to your friends. In this way, you are not bounded to send pics or videos only when you download Fouad WhatsApp APK.

Call Blocker: There is an option for Fouad WhatsApp users to individual block calls. Now, you can block your contacts on WhatsApp using Fouad WhatsApp.

Fixes in Fouad WhatsApp Updated Version

As you know, Fouad WhatsApp is a modded version that has some amazing features which are why people love using this app. But there were many issues that are now resolved in the updated version. Now all the bug fixes and you can download Fouad WhatsApp APK in your file manager.

1. The direct contact link and wallpaper lock settings error are now fixed and you will not see this issue in the new version.

2. When you use a white theme, you would not see the caller’s name but now this issue is also fixed and now you will be displayed the caller’s name whatever theme you use.

3. Moreover, you will not face any issue in setting your favorite image as background wallpaper so that whenever you open WhatsApp you will see your image on the home screen and chat screen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fouad WhatsApp Download


You can do so many things on this modified app such as save the status of your contacts, read deleted messages and forward the message without a forwarding tag.


Your personal data is at risk. Moreover, to update Fouad WhatsApp, you will have to do it manually because this app is not available in the google play store.

Download and Install Fouad WhatsApp APK

Download Fouad WhatsApp by clicking on the download button from the download page to get the download link and begin the installation process because this mod app can not be found on the Google play store.

Now go to the android settings menu and enable unknown sources to install Fouad WhatsApp. Open the download folder and tap the APK file of Fouad Mokdad or Fouad mods.

Click on the install button so that your Fouad WhatsApp app can be successfully installed on your phone. You can also use this method to update Fouad WhatsApp APK.

Note: This third-party app is not associated with the official one that’s why we can not say it’s safe to use this mod. However, you can download this app on your responsibility.

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Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0.3
55 MB
Sep 17, 2022

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