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A modifying game tool to change the value of different games.



GameGuardian APK is an app that allows you to edit your Android video game content for “illegal” features and improvements. Game Guardian APK does the job of modifying the parameters you want based on the code entry during runtime.

This is the most popular modifying game tool that you can use to change the value of different games. This app is not available on the Play Store due to its strong hacking ability. But there is nothing to worry about. Because you can now download the latest Game Guardian app for free.

Why should we download GameGuardian APK?

With the latest version of this game modification app, you can change the value of Ludo Star, Angry Birds 2, Temple Run, and almost all offline or online Android games. Game Guardian app gives you a great experience of changing and playing your game easily as Nicoo. So, you can install the service of this tool and enjoy it for your convenience.

Another feature of Game Guardian is the ability to tweak the app and device’s internal clock to make quick video game repairs, which usually allow you to wait a set number of hours to build up or restore your energy. If you press your finger on the floating icon, you can increase or decrease the flow of time.

How to use GameGuardian APK?

Game Guardian APK allows the user to edit the content of Android games for profit and improvement. The application injects code during game playtime to modify certain parameters as desired by the user.

Once Game Guardian is installed, you can leave the app running in the background with a transparent icon that you can see on your screen at any time. When you launch a game, you can open GameGuardian and select the application process you want to edit. For example, if you only have a specific number in a game, you can use the Game Guardian’s hexadecimal editor to find that number and replace it with any number.

How can we modify games using GameGuardian APK?

Once the app is installed, the app must be allowed to run in the background. You will see a translucent icon on their device screen. After launching the game, launch GameGuardian and select the specific game process you want to edit. For example, if the user has a certain number of lives in the game, they can use the hexadecimal app editor and then find that number. After you find the number, replace it with the number you want.


Download and install Game Guardian APK on your rooted Android device. Start playing any cheat you want. Now, launch this app and connect it to your game app. Click the search icon and set the price type to “automatic” if you don’t know what price you are looking for. Find values ​​like gold, jewelry, etc. that you want to hack. You will likely find many similarities in your search.

Return to the game and make variable value moves to reduce the number of matches. Then search again for the new value and repeat this process until you have <10 values ​​left. Now change the values ​​by clicking on it and setting it to 999999 or whatever you want.

To make your game easier or faster, press and hold the Game Guardian icon to slow down or speed up the SpeedHack. You now know more about hacking Android games than most people.


One of the great features of the Game Guardian app is the ability to tweak the app’s internal clock, and the device is ready for instant video game improvements. These are the improvements that the user often has to wait a few hours to get. It can be as if the energy is running low. By pressing the app icon floating on the screen with your finger, you can increase the flow of time for both the app and the device.

It allows you to make changes to the content, especially in video games. Using it, you can easily get other improvements and advantages. With Game Guardian, you can do many things for other games on your device. This is the app everyone has been waiting for. One example of what you can modify involves adding more lives to the game you’re playing.


These are the controls of this app to use it.

Clear – initiates a new quest in the open game;

Reset – the start of a new quest in another game;

Ruzzy – Starts a string search for the value you are looking for;

List of search results – provides a complete list of values ​​of parameters already saved for their quick application; A list of saved values ​​for quick use later, such as an ArtMoney table

Save / Load – This function offers to save or load a table of current game values.

To get started, the app acts as a simple and intuitive game modify the tool for Android devices.

Note: Needless to say, this app is, in most cases, primarily used for in-game cheats. So, if the developers of the apps you use find out that you are cheating, you risk losing your account. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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