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VMOS | Virtual Android System

VMOS is primarily an app that is specially developed for Android devices to run two different user accounts for your applications. It is a modern technique and a program that depends on a clear machine technique.

This Android system gives you full potential and allows another Android operating system on the same device.

Run 2 Operating System: Our smartphones usually come with an operating system, but VMOS allows you to operate a separate and independent operating system on your device with its origin.

Customization of Resolutions: This tool enables users to run a wallpaper to run the background for various spots and applications so that users do not lose their applications.

Rooted Device: This means that you should give an experiment on the type of root device. This means, that whenever you need to download something or do so that it can only be done on the root device, you can easily use this app.

Multiple tasks: This will allow you to do different things together. Suppose you are doing something on your device, you can run a game simultaneously on this operating system and the game will be active even when you already change.

Easy to use: The developers of this application developed it using a simple user interface. You will be able to switch between both operating systems (original OS and VMO) without any obstacles.

Free price: You do not need to spend anything on downloading this application or using it. You will have access to everyone and will not be compensated.

Download the APK of the VMOS app right now to get full access to the features described above.

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Download APK
APK 1.3.8 (20 MB)
Safety Check:

The VMOS has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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