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iWebcam APK is a communication application that allows you to interact with various users around the world. The app has hundreds of rooms with hundreds of chats you can join. Chat with people from all over the world as you used to in AOL chat rooms and meet new people by downloading the free iWebcam APK for Android devices.

The iWebCam instant social networking app gives communicators around the world the ability to communicate directly via camera or just a simple text chat.  Plus, you can join password-protected rooms. It looks like it’s a very basic app that anyone who wants to connect and socialize with will find useful.

Why iWebcam APK Was Created?

While this may sound strange in the world of computer technology and communication, there is an old-world we have forgotten where complete strangers used to congregate in chat rooms. Most of them have never met in person, but it has always been a virtual friendship.

We are not saying that this contact form is completely gone but it has not evolved much to reach Android. Since this platform is very open, many developers have come together to create iWebcam. To use this application users have to register first. It helps you communicate with multiple users by providing text and video chat support. Moreover, it has a simple interface with access to all its functions for ease of use.

Advantages Of iWebCam APK

You can chat for free with complete strangers in different rooms. In each of these rooms, you can find very different conversations, the topics of which change from moment to moment depending on the active users. This is a lightweight application. It is also beneficial for companies.

Camera and text chat features are required for mobile devices. The app has an option to convert a mobile phone into a webcam. Users can connect with their contacts as well as their new friends by visiting hundreds of chat rooms in the app.

Meet New People

This is very useful for those who are trying to improve their social networking skills as well as discover interesting people from all over the world. The iWebcam APK platform is a fun way to meet new people and make friends. Users also have the option to create their own chat rooms in sequence. The app comes with a completely different chat environment for each type of mobile device.

Registration Free App

Registration is not required to use it, you can use it as a guest.  You do not need to register. The main difference between being a guest or a user is that your virtual friends will be able to contact you if you are a user. When you sign in as a guest, you will be asked to provide your gender, age, and guest name.

About the app

iWebcam APK is a free social networking app from IGENETIX CORPORATION. The app offers chatting and instant messaging for those who want to experience socialization through random chats. Randomly call friends and new people with hundreds of chats in hundreds of rooms. With it, you will be able to meet random people – by default. Single chat rooms are also available.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.1+
14.6 MB

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