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WhatsApp Mix APK is known as one of the popular mods of WhatsApp. As the name suggests, it is a mix of different WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and OGWhatsApp. It would not be wrong to say that WhatsApp has many advantages and some limited disadvantages.

However, if you are using the official WhatsApp app for a long time, you might be tired of the same design. That’s where WhatsApp Mix Pro APK for Android comes in handy. Download WhatsApp Mix to access a bunch of premium features.

About WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix APK is another WhatsApp mod APK that comes with many features. These features in the WhatsApp Mix APK can be used on your android devices. If we talk about other WhatsApp mods, this android version of WhatsApp Mix APK has its separate fan following.

WhatsApp Mix package is different that’s why you can use the original WhatsApp application on your android device in this android latest version of WhatsApp Mix APK with a stable internet connection.

Functions of WhatsApp Mix APK

WhatsApp does not allow you to download the status of your friends and other people in your circle, but if you have installed WhatsApp Mix MOD APK, you can download the status of your friends. It offers you various themes, and if you get bored, you can change the theme as per your taste.

It gives you a pack of different stickers, and you can use them according to any occasion. These features make WhatsApp Mix a different version from the previous boring version of WhatsApp and force us to install WhatsApp on our mobile phones. You can add Instagram stories with a very easy-to-use user interface.

Customize WhatsApp Mix Mod APK the Way You Want

Are you tired of looking at the same design for years? Now, you can customize your WhatsApp interface as you wish. Once you download WhatsApp Mix, you can also change the way you send messages. The appearance of the chat bubble can be customized along with the font and size of the text.

You can choose from a wide range of creative options and choose the font or style of your choice. Add funny stickers to your messages and chat with your friends with this amazing MOD APK.

Download Statuses by Using WhatsApp Mix APK

With the help of WhatsApp Mix, you can download the status of your contacts. In this way, you will not need to download any external app for this purpose. You can download sticker packs and hide chats in this instant messaging. Along with downloading sticker packs, you can use the message scheduler option same as in other mods.

Mostly the functions provided by WA Mix or some other mod APKs such as anti-prohibition security features, sending audio files or media files as well as getting the own theme are not available on the official WhatsApp. You can is exciting privacy features in WA Mix to have a better user interface and more features.

Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

Access to theme server: Over time, using WhatsApp can become somewhat monotonous if developers don’t add new features and layout options. Downloading the new WhatsApp Mix app comes to the rescue here. It gives you exclusive access to a theme server that allows you to choose a theme for your app from thousands of verified options.

This makes WhatsApp fun and interesting, unlike the official app, which has the same old interface. The vast theme library will have something to suit your needs. Download this app to check out this amazing feature!

Backup and Restore: It is a very popular feature of WhatsApp and is now also available on WA Mix. You can back up and restore your data. The latest WhatsApp Mix update supports the built-in locker feature with which you will be able to lock chats with your fingerprint as well as PIN.

Anti-revoke: Prevent cancellation is an advanced feature that allows us to check the status of our contact list with a “permanently deleted” message. This feature is very advanced but it is recommended to use this feature in moderation as it violates official WhatsApp policies and you may be prevented from using this feature.

Hide your chats: If you don’t want anyone spying on your phone, you can hide your private conversations. Earlier WhatsApp did not allow you to hide your chats in any way. The only option was to delete the chat history or “archive” the chat.

But with the launch of the latest WhatsApp Mix update, this issue has been effectively resolved and a whole new set of privacy features have been opened up. You can use WhatsApp Mix to hide the chat you don’t want others to see. This makes WhatsApp much easier to use.

Send up to 90 photos at once: As of now, as per the official terms and conditions of WhatsApp, users can send a maximum of 30 photos or videos at a time. Users are also given the option to add a comment to each photo or video. However, this feature can be quite limited in different scenarios.

Considering how blind this generation is, WhatsApp Mix with 90 images is a feature that is highly appreciated by today’s youth. They can now also add filters to photos. Crop, edit and annotate each image individually to suit your needs.

Send quality videos: WhatsApp is known to restrict the quality of your large video files. Currently, it is impossible to send HD video recordings on WhatsApp without getting grainy and choppy. In addition, there is a size limit that prevents you from sharing large files with your friends or family members.

Whenever you want to upload a video, you have to do it in parts. WhatsApp MOD is very flexible and allows you to use the app as you wish. Try downloading WhatsApp Mix APK and sending high-quality videos within seconds.

Personalization: WhatsApp Mix also provides you with customization options along with many other great features. It allows you to customize icons, show bubbles above the conversation, and provide an icon for different notifications. This is a great feature of WhatsApp and forces you to install this version of WhatsApp on your mobile phone and remove the previous version.

DND Mode: This will help you when you don’t want to use WA for a certain period. In my case, this is the best solution when watching movies online. Once you enable this option in WhatsApp Mix Home, you will not receive any notifications from WA. Enable this option when you are angry with someone especially while chatting.

Message scheduler: It is a great feature that allows you to send messages to your WA contact list even when you are not available. All you have to do is choose the time, date, message, and to whom to send it. Also, you must be connected to the internet while using this feature. Unless it works.

Forward sign: It has a great feature to remove the “redirect” tag. In earlier versions, when you forwarded a message, photo, or video to your friend, the word Forward was displayed above it. This is annoying for us sometimes, but the latest WhatsApp Mix APK gives you an option to remove this forward flag, and you can forward messages without forwarding them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Mix


You can hide your online status as well as hide WhatsApp status on your android device. You can send forwarding messages on your android phone. Your writing status is improved and you can restore the inbuilt locker as well as get new themes. You can use the feature of the message scheduler and send multimedia files in this detailed multimedia WhatsApp Mix APK.


You can not download WhatsApp Mix from the google play store. Downloading mods related to the official WhatsApp may bring you some risks related to the privacy features moreover, you will have to enable unknown sources to install WhatsApp Mix.

Install WhatsApp Mix APK Download Link

Click on the download button to download WhatsApp Mix APK on your android device. Wait for the download to get completed. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources.

Find the downloaded WhatsApp Mix APK file and tap on the install button to install WhatsApp Mix APK file. Once the installation process is completed, you can open this instant messaging by clicking on the app icon.

Note: If you are using WhatsApp Mix APK in an outdated version, you will have to download an updated version or the new version in order to update WhatsApp Mix APK.

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