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SpoofApp APK is an android app for making phone calls that impersonates you and also fakes your voice. It also allows you to record your conversations. As a result, you can record all your conversations of your choice for different purposes (though you should keep in mind that in some cases you may be doing something illegal).

This Android app makes phone calls by impersonating you and even faking your voice. It also allows us to record the conversations of our friends. If you call your friends, they get a new number and pick up the phone, and you can tell them you’re unemployed. 

About SpoofApp APK

SpoofApp APK is an app for making phone calls that imitates you and your voice. Call someone, and the app will create a virtual caller ID, which will use your network data package, but the number will not be visible on other people’s screens.

It hides your number and allows you to have some fun with your friends or colleagues. When you use this app, the person will get the caller ID, not your contact number, and pick up the phone. The app is a real wonder and you can use it wisely to save time and money.

Why Do People Download SpoofApp?

Do you want to call anonymously? So, you must be interested in downloading the APK for this application which can give you many additional options apart from modifying your caller ID.

There are many communication apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Truecaller, WeChat, HushSMS, and Line but none of these apps have this option that helps you in pranking your friends. This tool can be used to make 100% anonymous calls and not only because it hides our phone number, but also because it allows us to edit our voice to sound like a man or woman.

Functions of SpoofApp

You can call someone and the app will create a virtual caller ID, which will use your network data package, but the number will not appear on the second screen. Like, if you call them, they get a new number when they pick up the phone, and you can tell them you’re at work even if you are not.

You can have fun with your loved ones. If you don’t want anyone else to know or you don’t want them to know about you, then use this app properly. With this caller ID, you can fool anyone in your contact list by calling them or you can simply change your voice and become someone else.

Features of SpoofApp

Easy to use: This app is easy to use on your android phone. You can easily access all the options that are given by this application. Moreover, you do not need any guidance in using this app.

Fake calls and SMS: By downloading this android app, you can make fake calls on your phone. In this way, you can prank your friends. You will also have the option to send SMS to your friends.

Built-in voice changer: With the help of the built-in voice changer, you can easily change your voice and no one can suspect you in this way. That’s why many people use this app when they want to prank someone because by using this feature, your identity will be kept secret.

Pre-recorded joke call message: Aside from making prank calls, you can also send pre-recorded jokes as messages. It means you will not have to record your own voice or talk to someone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SpoofApp


This app is a complete package that comes with a bundle of features. This app lets you prank your friends and allow you to have a great quality time.


You will not get the app from the Google Play store. In order to download this app, you will have to go to third-party websites instead of the play store.

Install SpoofApp APK File on Your Android Devices

Click on the download button to download SpoofApp File on your phone. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources to install this app. Find the downloaded APK file from the file manager and tap on the install button. 

Once the installation is completed, you can open the application on your phone and start spoofing your voice to have some fun. You can use the same method to get an updated version of this app in case you are still using the older version.

Note: You will need to buy credits to be able to connect to the app but every new install comes with a free trial.

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