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Create custom patches for apps and games.



Jasi Patcher APK can be considered as an alternative to the popular Lucky Patcher, as it has become a tool to patch offline servers as well as applications capable of mimicking other devices. With this application, you can create patches for apps and soft mode games on Android devices and make in-app purchases without spending any money.

Jasi Patcher is an automated patch tool for Android aimed at overcoming the limitations of apps and games, including custom patches, offline emulators, spoof, hooks, support patches, global patches, tools, and utilities.

Why should we use Jasi Patcher APK?

Android is a really flexible operating system for users, but not as much as most of us would like. However, by rooting your device and retrieving the app from the likes of the same pitcher, we can ignore any limitations regarding apps and games. In other words, using this app, you can take advantage of many features that you normally have to pay for, but they are completely free.

You need to download the Jasi Patcher APK file from this platform without root. With this app, you can make in-app purchases. It allows you to mimic an offline server, free tools, and utilities, remove ads from installed applications, and more.


These are its main functions:

  • All ads will be removed from installed apps.
  • It also has an app debugger.
  • It is a fully licensed emulation tool in the market.
  • This is the best optimizer and cleaner for Android.
  • Jesse is an application manager built into Patcher.
  • You can customize the application to suit your needs.
  • It will also mimic some offline servers for in-app purchases.
  • Gives you the benefit of restoring and backing up the entire app data.
  • Improvements will be made to avoid video game and app limitations.
  • This will be the fake model number, brand name, IMEI number, and Wi-Fi Mac of your smartphone.

About Jasi Patcher APK

It was originally developed by Jaspreet Singh, a well-known Indian developer. With Jessie Patcher, you can bypass all payment restrictions in games and apps. Your smartphone must be rooted if you want to use this app. Otherwise, it will not work on your smartphone. On the other hand, for Android software to work best, it must be higher than version 4.0.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0
3.9 MB

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