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Create a private network of security cameras from your mobile.



Hik Connect APK app is a free monitoring system app developed by HIKVISION HQ. Designed for end-users, this utility software allows you to access cameras remotely and from your mobile phone. Current mobile technology allows you to control and monitor a network of security cameras from an Android device. To do that, you definitely need cameras and apps like Hik-Connect.

The application allows users to control and monitor a variety of camera networks and 16 camera networks, as well as transmit images in real-time. It supports a wide range of security and monitoring tools. The app lets you track down intruders from anywhere, and can also activate alert sounds and send notifications.

Why should we use Hik Connect APK?

Hik Connect APK is an integrated, cloud-based security solution that helps security providers or installers manage services for customers and grow their business by providing subscriptions. You can monitor the system health status of your users’ sites using a simple and reliable platform – you can even troubleshoot issues.

You can save the Hik-Connect app with a passcode or fingerprint lock. Hik Connect APK enables you to customize security solutions for users with fully modified Hikvision devices, including video, interference, access, intercom, and more.

How to use Hik Connect APK?

This app is easy to set up. All you have to do is create an account and add devices to it. However, as mentioned, adding devices to your account can be difficult. Sometimes, you have to close and restart the app every time you pair a device.

Whenever your set alarm starts, this app will notify you instantly with photos and videos. However, this may overwhelm you with information. In addition, it sometimes reverts security cameras to the native resolution, even when they are set to HD.

Get instant notifications

The Hik Connect app is designed to work with Hikvision series DVRs, NVRs, cameras, video intercoms, and security control panels. With this application, you can watch or resume real-time surveillance video at any time from your home, office, workshop, or any other place. You can get instant notifications from the Hik-Connect app when your device’s alarm goes off.

A great video management software

With Hik Connect, users can access live streaming of their security cameras even when they are away from home. As a video management system software, it enables you to effectively monitor the IP cameras installed on your property from your mobile device. It offers real-time monitoring with PTZ control, allowing you to adjust the angle of the viewfinder from afar. In addition, to live broadcasts, it also allows you to playback recorded events.

More than just video surveillance, this app also acts as an alarm system for your property. Allows you to remotely arm the Security Control Panel. Plus, it comes with a two-way intercom and even doorbell and video intercom answers.


These are the key features offered in this app:

  • Two-way intercom.
  • Instant alerts and notifications.
  • Open the app with your fingerprint.
  • Monitor up to 16 cameras simultaneously.
  • Establish a remote security monitoring network.
  • Share devices with third parties with limited permissions.
  • Answering incoming calls from audio and video intercoms.
  • Connect DVRs, NVRs, cameras, video intercoms, and security surveillance networks.

Connect the app to the surveillance camera

The exact features offered by Hik-Connect vary depending on the devices synced. Connect it to internal communication, for example, to be able to answer people at your door and open it remotely, as long as this option is possible. You can get instant notifications from the Hik-Connect app when your device starts to wake up.

On the other hand, connecting the app to the surveillance camera makes it possible to rotate it remotely (as long as the camera is capable of rotating).

About Hik Connect APK

Hik-Connect APK is an application where you can create a private network of security cameras that are monitored remotely from your mobile device. With this app, users can watch videos, receive notifications of unexpected movements or alarms, watch past videos, and even use their Android device as an intercom. Manage and control all your Hikvision monitors with Hik-Connect.

Overall, Hik-Connect is a great app for everyone with a Hikvision device. Give it a try and get the most out of your Hikvision device, whether it’s an intercom, security camera, tape recorder, or whatever!

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