Monitors the amount of time people spend on WhatsApp.



WhatsDog APK is a tool that monitors the amount of time people spend on WhatsApp. Receive alerts when a specific contact joins WhatsApp. Check your WhatsApp contacts addiction level and chat online, thanks to the WhatsApp app for Android smartphones.

Currently, this is a great app to use for Android users. This tool helps create separate history reports where you know how much time your contacts spend each day. The important thing is that the targeted contacts do not know what and when to spy. In general, to do this, you need to provide links.

Why Was WhatsDog APK Created?

Nowadays, due to our bad habit of posting every detail of our life on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, our level of privacy has been reduced in processing our personal data. The internet or some messaging app that anyone can use is under the radar 24/7.

And if that’s not enough, there are also monitoring apps like WhatsApp. Regardless of whether that person has blocked us or enabled the option to hide this information. So, this is a very spying method that anyone can use. It basically tries to determine the level of intoxication, that is, the number of hours spent talking.

How Does WhatsDog APK Works?

WhatsDog APK is a great spying app that instantly informs you of your friends’ connection times and details. Basically, this App app acts as a spy on any phone number to find out if someone is connected to WhatsApp. WhatsDog is a great app that tracks the online activities in which you enter your WhatsApp number.

Well, it’s easy enough. All you have to do is enter the number of the person you want to spy on so that a report can be made of when they are connected on WhatsApp. The latter will be recorded by the calendar in terms of dates and hours and will also include statistics on the time spent each day through online communication.

Best Spying App

Well, Google Play and WhatsApp are very careful about their users’ privacy. This type of application that violates the user’s privacy, as well as the terms of use of WhatsApp will not stand a chance in the official Android market today. These apps are being tracked to remove all the spies of WhatsApp or any other similar service, and the instant messaging platform is trying to increase the security and privacy of conversations on their apps to cover potential breaches.

Therefore, there is no alternative to an app that can avoid Google’s censorship for more than a few days. You can use WhatsApp to see if your contacts are using WhatsApp at any time of the day. The app allows you to view information about WhatsApp, even if a person chooses to prevent their information from being viewed by other people. Even the latest version of WhatsApp Dog 5.0.0, released by Second Lemon in August 2016, only works every time.

View Information Of Your Contacts

This is a bit scary app to use. You can use WhatsApp at any time of the day if your contacts use WhatsApp. The app allows you to view information about WhatsApp, even if a person chooses to prevent their information from being seen by other people. You can easily view any phone number or contact details, such as the time and date the person used the app.

What Can We Do Using WhatsDog APK?

When you use WhatsDog APK, you can see if the phone number is offline. This will provide details about how long the person has been using the app and how long they have been online. You can see a graph showing how many connections this person made while online and who was on WhatsApp. Turn notifications on and off. You also get silent notifications. WhatsDog is a perfect app for people who are trying to find out if someone is talking to other people without your knowledge.


  • See when others are on WhatsApp.
  • Turn notifications on and off (Keep quiet)
  • Learn about spending time and other details.
  • Gather information for the day, week, and 30 days.
  • Its activities can be tracked even though it is blocked.
  • No need to install WhatsApp or save a contact number.
  • Obtaining information whether the contact is online or offline; (remains in the record only)
  • View graphs of online and offline communication. Also, you can see how much and for how long.

Disclaimer: We do not expressly encourage the use of such applications. We believe that everyone should have the right to enjoy their free time and personal life as they like, and there is no justification for knowing how and when someone uses their WhatsApp account.

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Package Name
Op. System
Android 2.3
20.3 MB
Dec 29th, 2016

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