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Miitomo APK is a Nintendo app that combines messaging and social networking to revolutionize the way we communicate through avatars. Miitomo is not a standalone video game at all, but a way to seduce people who are not connected to the world of Nintendo through their smartphones.

One of Nintendo’s best-selling locations since the release of the Wii has been the unveiling of the Miis, which is a customized avatar from your official account that you can use as your character in many Nintendo games. The free-to-play philosophy is the foundation of this platform. It is also available for iPhone and even Nintendo Switch.

How To Use Miitomo APK?

Using Miitomo APK on your Android device is as easy as downloading and installing the app from the Play Store. Once you do that, you can configure your virtual MII as if you were playing Sims, explaining the physical aspects and characteristics of your character. Then you have to answer some personal questions so that everyone knows your tastes, then immediately go chat with your friends.

Whether or not you already have a registered account with a Nintendo ID, logging in is easy, all you have to do is type in your email address or log in to your social media account. However, if you already have a Nintendo ID account, you are in luck because it means that while playing you will be able to accumulate points and virtual currency which you can later exchange for new products. This will be an option. The company’s new rewards system, MyNintendo.

Create Your Look-Alike

This Miitomo will give you a chance to make a Mii that looks just like you! You can choose to create it in a variety of ways (as long as you have InGame online store credit) and answer questions about your virtual avatar that will later be used to communicate with other MIS in your contacts. Before, all communication is done through your default avatar, Mii which you can create with your spit or side avatar and the character you have always wanted.

Communicate With Your MII In Miitomo APK

With this experience in mind, Nintendo created the Miitomo, a social network for smartphones that allows you to communicate with your Mii as well as all your other Miis in your contacts. There’s a social component to the whole experience that you can use to share your MI device updates and profile pictures, and you can rate other people’s updates.


  • Create your own avatar to become a spitting image of a real person or their attributes.
  • Explain the character and how it speaks.
  • Mini-games for fun like Miitomo Drop for fun.
  • Talk to your friends about the functions of sending and receiving messages.
  • You can use your smartphone’s camera to create your avatar.
  • Design your MII in your own way and decorate your room.
  • Buy items and accessories for your character.
  • Create your favorite characters with the sidekick MII function.
  • Various communication channels such as pattern channel and response channel.

About the app

The Miitomo APK app is a great social networking app for Android and smartphone users. It is a great mobile app for social networks. So, you can enjoy it for your convenience by calling. Miitomo has good user reviews and high rating points. In addition, Miitomo is completely legal because all international rules and regulations for its manufacture are followed.

Popular Nintendo App

Nintendo is very famous all over the world. It combines messaging and social networking to encourage users to stay connected. It is basically a Nintendo app. This app became so popular around the world that it reached 10 million downloads within a month of its release. It is 100% safe for Android mobile users as there is no malware in this app that can affect your device.

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Dec 24th, 2018

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