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NEWhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod that has many features for its users. It is a widely loved and modified version of WhatsApp which is developed by a third-party developer called Altornedo 7. Android users can easily download NEWhatsApp APK file.

This WhatsApp mod contains all the original features of the official WhatsApp and some additional features. This mod also allows you to customize the chat theme and app icon. The user interface of NE WhatsApp APK will make you fall for it.

About NEWhatsApp

NEWhatsApp is one of the WhatsApp mods that give android users many features that are not available on the official WhatsApp. You can send multiple messages on your android device with the help of NEWhatsApp APK.

This WhatsApp modded version allows you to set your name on the home screen, multiple screens can also be set as your WhatsApp Wallpaper, and you can set a message scheduler in this alternate version of official WhatsApp.

Functions of NE WhatsApp

By using NEWhatsApp APK, you can make your chat screen more interesting by changing font style of your message than in the original WhatsApp. You are also allowed for sending multiple messages. There are many notification icons that you can easily change on the main screen with seven different styles.

With the help of amazing features, you can download statuses and media files on your android phone. You will find many animation effects along with signs of extra bubbles in this app. You can also send normal broadcasts and use different languages than in the original WhatsApp.

Customize the Chat Screen

This is a mod of WhatsApp developed by a third-party developer to provide the users with new features. You will have many options to customize your WhatsApp screen with more signs and features. You can change the default color and the application icon of this mod along with changing the user interface.

There are many mods such as OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and GBWhatsApp that have many customization options but this app comes with different designs, transparency, shadow, gradient, or any image of your choice. You can also change the hash pattern and air pocket pattern. It also has various options for you to check out.

Features of NEWhatsApp APK

Disable auto-text: The automatic text entry is a great feature, but it can be really annoying at times. Fortunately, NEWhatsApp comes with an option where you can disable auto text.

Improved Media Sharing: Do you also find it annoying to send 30 photos one by one or limit the number of megabytes of video to share? NEWhatsApp APK saves you from this problem. It has overcome the situation and enables users to share recordings of up to 2GB. High-resolution images can be transferred without any problem.

Better privacy: WhatsApp is great, but WhatsApp privacy protection is not good. NEWhatsApp provides better security options, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. You can send messages to an unknown number in this app.

Hide name of contacts or groups: NEWhatsApp allows you to hide contact or group names on the chat screen. So you can talk to anyone without fear of getting caught.

Interview cards: This app comes with an interview card with which you can easily conduct the interview.

Extra signs and bubbles: This app contains additional indicators and more chat bubble options to customize your chat screen. In this way, you can easily customize your home screen with more features by using this app on your phone.

Automatic response: You can set up an auto-reply via email or text message in NEWhatsApp APK. In this way, you should download the latest version of this mod of WhatsApp.

Secretly View Status: If you are shy to check someone’s WhatsApp status but need it, then you have an amazing option. With NEWhatsApp APK, you can enable this feature. This will allow you to see someone’s status, and the person will never know.

Freeze Last Seen: If you are not in a position to talk to specific people and want to be able to use WhatsApp anonymously, NEWhatsApp has great news for you. With NEWhatsApp APK you can freeze last seen.

Anti-revoke: NE WhatsApp has come up with an innovative arrangement. It offers an anti-cancel option, which when enabled will not allow the other person to delete the sent message. You have a right to know what has been sent to you and NE WhatsApp APK certainly guarantees you to do so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NEWhatsApp


With the help of NEWhatsApp, you can download status and send messages in different languages. You can display the last line on the home screen or main screen. It also has the encrypted text feature. You can share links without the sender number or admin number in the app.


The app is not available on the Google play store so you will have to download the latest version of NEWhatsApp from the third-party site depending on your browser.

Install NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

Click on the download button to download NEWhatsApp APK on your phone. Wait for the download to get completed. When the download is completed, you can go to the settings of your android phone and enable unknown sources to install NEWhatsApp APK.

Find the downloaded APK file from the file manager and click on the install button to start the installation process of NEWhatsApp. When the installation is completed, you can enter the number and start using this application on your phone. You can follow the same method to update NEWhatsApp.

Note: Using WhatsApp modified versions is not safe due to many reasons. These mods of WhatsApp were created by third-party developers, not the official ones.

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