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Soula WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp Mod that controls certain aspects of WhatsApp’s privacy and functionality. There are many WhatsApp mods like FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Pro, and many more. If you download its APK file, you will see that it gives us the same features as other applications.

In other words, more control over our privacy, new options for customizing our interface and graphics, and new possibilities regarding file sharing restrictions. The application allows you to understand the intricacies of the application’s operation, communication, and privacy as it does not violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Use.

About Soula WhatsApp APK

Soula WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, with different functions and configurations. There are two versions of SoulaWhatsApp. Both the size and the official version have great features and are available to the app users. The simple and official version of the application is very useful for the users.

This application is developed by Syrian developer Somar Demos. The application allows you to control certain aspects of interactions, application execution, and application privacy without violating WhatsApp’s Terms of Use.

This is not an open source software and there are many templates built on the resources of the app which can be used to add new features or improve the features and templates of this chat app. When you install this application, you will understand that it provides the same functions as other applications.

Why Do People Download Soula WhatsApp Mod APK?

As you know, in the official app, you will find limited features. Moreover, they are not including new features like other chat screen mods. Download Soula on your phone because Soula is one of the mod APK that has many features.

Soula offers many functions such as it has an anti revoke mod, sending messages to WhatsApp numbers, and more space for your statuses. You can change icons switch in the APK connection. You will have a chat button that gives you quick operation and confidentiality access to your contacts.

All the following functions that Soula offers can be easily used when you download this version of the official WhatsApp. In order to download the app, click on the app name Soula. After this click on the Soula WhatsApp icon. The speed of execution of this app is now improved, so you will not have to worry about any other thing.

Functions of Soula WhatsApp

People love to use the new features in their app. There are many popular mod apps that you can use however you can download the APK file of one of the most popular mod apps which is Soula WhatsApp. Download the Soula WhatsApp App to use Soula WhatsApp features.

The features are good and almost the same as in WhatsApp Lite when you download the latest version of Soula WhatsApp. Soula is one of the most used apps because of its features that you can download the APK when you search the app name Soula.

Users can now send messages to any number even if it is not saved as a WhatsApp contact. They can also hide the name and date when copying someone else’s messages. There are many advanced versions available like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, and many more. Offering increased privacy options and an easier user interface, this version of the app has become a new favorite.

Send Large Multi-media Files

Many WhatsApp users have complained about quality issues when sending files through the original WhatsApp system. When these files are not compressed, their size can limit their transfer.

In Soula WhatsApp, the file size requirement has been increased, allowing larger files and longer videos to be shared without being compressed first or broken into pieces. Likewise, high image quality is guaranteed – the service does not require compression before sending. The mod apps on WhatsApp also allow you to do the same but the Soula WhatsApp today has taken it to another level.

Features of Soula WhatsApp

Security and Privacy: You will get an anti-ban security system when you install Soula WhatsApp application by enabling unknown sources. This will prevent your account from being banned. There are also much privacy features available that will help you enjoy it.

Features to hide your online status, written status, and registration. You can hide the second tick and the blue tick. New privacy options are available in Soula WhatsApp, such as last freeze, change of active time, and more.

Customization: The user interface of Soula WhatsApp Mod APK can be customized. One can customize chat bubbles, icons, fonts, etc. All this can be done by using this downloaded application that gives you many customization options in its APK on your device.

Multimedia: Soula WhatsApp offers many features related to multimedia. This allows us to share large videos as well as audio files. It can send more than 50 high-quality images simultaneously which is not available in the official version of WhatsApp. Using Soula WhatsApp media sharing mods notification gives you better options for sharing files with friends and family.

Forward Tags: One of the bad things about WhatsApp is the “forward tags”. This can be a problem for many people if they are using the official app. So their problems can be solved using WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp Among these mods, you will find a feature that can disable Tag Forwarding when sending messages to our WA contacts, which is very useful.

WhatsApp Status: In Soula WhatsApp, you can tap to download other people’s WhatsApp status and you can add more characters to your status (250). Thus, you have the freedom to write whatever you want and show your contacts.

Backup and Restore: Backup and Restore is a very popular feature of WhatsApp and is now available on this WhatsApp mod as well. You can backup and restore your data. Soula WhatsApp supports the latest update of the built-in locker feature that allows you to lock chats with a fingerprint as well as a PIN code.

Anti-revoke: Anti-revoke is an advanced feature that allows us to check our contact list as well as the status of a “permanently deleted” message. This feature is very recent but it is recommended to use this feature when you install Soula WhatsApp as it violates official WhatsApp policies and you may be prevented from using this feature.

Message scheduler: Message scheduler is a great feature that you get when you install this WhatsApp by enabling unknown sources. It allows you to send messages to your WA contact list even if you are currently unavailable. All you have to do is set the time, date, message, and destination to send it. Also, you must be connected to the internet to use this feature.

Emoji: Emoji is a great way to express yourself without the need for words. Sometimes, there are no words to describe how we feel, so we use emojis instead. While WhatsApp has a large number of emojis and emoticons that you can choose from, Soula WhatsApp goes a step further by providing more options.

Privacy: Perhaps the biggest benefit to download Soula WhatsApp for users is the privacy protocol that comes with it. The app allows you to hide the reading information, thus preventing blue snippets from appearing while the message is being read. It also tells your contacts when you see their status updates.

Blue tick: Most of the time we get messages, we read them, but for some reason, we can’t reply to them. What’s the solution? By downloading Soula WhatsApp, the blue dots will appear when you reply to the sender and not just view the message.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Soula WhatsApp


You can download videos and new WhatsApp status with the help of this hide status view mod version. You can use WhatsApp superpowers on the WhatsApp home screen such as the unread messages will not be deleted for you in your favorite instant messaging.

You will have a message counter and great emoticons compatibility. The stability, security, and speed of execution are now improved in the official Soula WhatsApp app.


You will not find Soula mods WhatsApp on the google play store. You will have to download Soula WhatsApp APK from third-party websites by getting the APK link.

Download Soula WhatsApp APK File

To download the app, click on the download button to get the Soula WhatsApp APK download link in order to download the latest version of the Soula WhatsApp APK file and follow the given guide. Wait for finished downloading Soula WhatsApp APK file. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources to install Soula WhatsApp APK file.

Go to the file manager and search the Soula WhatsApp Title. Tap on the APK file and follow the given instructions. Click on the Soula WhatsApp app icon and enter your Whatsapp number.

Note: You can update Soula WhatsApp by using the same method.

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