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JioChat APK is a messaging and video calling app available on Android, iPhone, and JioPhone. With JioChat, you can make video calls with your family and friends on your Jio phone from your smartphone. Additionally, you can experience video conferencing, voice calling, and better messaging with stickers and emoji.

Boasting many features to connect with other users, this app provides a constant stream of communication for you and your friends. Apart from making simple voice or video calls, Jio Chat also offers a text chat feature similar to other popular instant messaging platforms.

Why should we download JioChat APK?

If you are looking for an alternative way to stay in touch and connect with your friends and family for free, Jio Chat is a great tool to do so. Another notable feature of this app is that it is completely designed and built in India, which means it has been designed to meet the needs and trends of Indian users.

JioChat APK lets you add up to 500 contacts with whom you can share all the stickers, emojis, pictures, files, and voice messages. The best part is that you won’t be bothered by all the usual compatibility issues with files being displayed on other platforms.

Make free calls

With JioChat, you will never have to worry about high calling tariffs as the app allows users to make free calls with other JioChat contacts. Calls are made on JioChat APK, be it local or worldwide. Both voice and video calling services are available for free. Moreover, all the calls made through JioChat are HD quality.

Chat with friends

Chat instantly with other JioChat APK contacts via Messages. You can chat not only between two people but also in groups. The messaging service allows users to send pictures, voice notes, stickers, videos, APK, Xls, MP3, Doc, PDF, and much more for their expression.

New functions in JioChat APK

JioChat allows users to have high-quality video and voice calls along with a better messaging experience. This is not everything; The app allows users to express themselves in a number of fun ways, such as instant videos, stickers, doodles, and emojis. If you are thinking all this then stop your horse.

Follow the channels of some famous brands to stay updated as well as enjoy some short videos on some stories. Another nice touch in this app is that you can use it to create your own short videos and share them with other users or, alternatively, enjoy others’ original content. Jio Chat is available in any major official language spoken in India.


As far as stickers on Jio Chat are concerned, the app has teamed up with some of the best sticker artists in India to create some of the best and most interesting stickers. This is all to allow users to express themselves better in chat. Stickers for the following Indian cultures like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Oriya are available on JioChat.

Follow different brands in JioChat APK

JioChat APK allows users to interact with their favorite brands. You’ll also be able to follow popular brands and companies as they release new versions of your favorite products. Users can send their queries to their preferred brand and get instant responses. This is not everything; You can also get offers and deals from channels through JioChat.


  • Fresh and simple interface
  • Free Voice and Video Calls
  • Allows you to follow branded channels.
  • Available in all major Indian languages.


  • It consumes a huge amount of data
  • Video cannot be transmitted explicitly
  • Messages are not received until the app is opened.
  • Sometimes it crashes and shuts down automatically.

A complete messeging app

It comes with a full messaging function that allows you to send a message to any of your JioChat contacts. Be it individual messages or large groups of up to 500 members, JioChat will send your messages instantly. The application also supports file sharing such as sending documents, multimedia files, emojis, and stickers.

Enjoy bite-sized videos on stories and follow channels from top brands to stay up to date with news, astrology, entertainment, and more. You can sign up for JioChat using Jio or any other mobile number, after which the app will use your mobile network or Wi-Fi (as available) to allow you to send messages, make calls and watch videos.

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