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APKtime APK is a store designed for Android devices. It is an Android App Store where you will find various apps categorized into categories. This APK allows you to download APK files to your Android device. Different apps are categorized in APKtime so that you can easily find the one as per your interest.

All the applications in this store are divided into different categories. Therefore, it is very easy to find a specific app in APKTime. There is only one class of fire equipment. It has a total of hundreds of applications that you can download. It has a wide variety of tools, adult apps, apps for watching premium sports, and more.

Why should we use APKTime APK?

If you want to install third-party apps on your device, then APKtime APK is the best option to consider. With it, any device running Android OS can; mobile phone, tablet, firestick, android box; Download the application. As mentioned, it lists a wide variety of apps across multiple categories, including entertainment, games, and games.

It also has a graveyard section, which contains all the apps that are no longer up to date but can still be installed. However, this section, which contains a list of adult applications, is protected with a PIN code. One of the biggest benefits of using Malvida’s favorite app store is that we can download a lot of apps that we won’t find in Google Play, the official Android store strictly regulated by Google.

How to use APKTime APK?

To use this app, just browse all the apps shown and click on any of them to download the APK. After that, run the installation like any other file. APKtime’s integrated search engine is very powerful. You can use the search bar to type in keywords to find all related apps. It has a huge collection of such apps, so you don’t need to search for third-party apps on other untrusted websites.

This app library has a large collection of apps. You can find hundreds of the best Android and Firestick apps for streaming, adult content, codes, games, and more. Along with the app description, it gives you links to YouTube videos and tutorials that will show you how to install the app. So that you can easily overcome the problems you face while installing the application.

Find apps in a categorized way

APKtime APK is an app store where you will find many other apps arranged in different categories. The app allows you to search, download and install various Android apps on your mobile devices. Unlike the Google Play Store, the App Store has APK files for Android that you won’t find in the official store.

Download in a faster way

Moreover, you can download the files faster than the normal download speed. It uses excellent download technology which makes the process easy and fast. It shows you a brief description of all the apps along with screenshots. So, you can easily find out before downloading the app.

APKtime is a store built for Android devices. With this, one can download the app from any Android device – mobile phone, tablet, firestick, android box. As mentioned, it lists apps from different categories, including entertainment, games, and games. This app often includes more apps that stay updated with new versions. The app is constantly evolving and adding new features.

Features of APKTime APK

  • Built-in search engine
  • A large group
  • Different categories
  • Instant download
  • Installation tutorial
  • Quick updates
  • Brief description about apps
  • It also uses very little battery life.
  • APKtime is small in size and uses very little RAM.
  • Significant reduction in storage and battery consumption


  • Removes permission for some apps.
  • List apps that are not available in the official app store.
  • Offers applications that are no longer up to date.


  • Security threats

Note: Users should note that there may be some security risks from using this application. Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPN to protect your device from malicious hackers.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 5.0
4.9 MB

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