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Netboom - PC Games On Phone

Netboom – PC Games On Phone
Yearly Selection Cloud Gaming - Netboom Ltd

Netboom is a revolutionary application that allows you to play high-end PC games on your smartphone without any hassle. This app is capable of running any PC game on your phone thanks to its powerful system.

In this app you don’t need to install any game, just install the app itself! You only have to open the app and tap on the game icon to start playing it.

Let’s find out more about the Netboom app through its features:

Access to a ton of games: In Netboom, you can access every game on your Android Phone. Now, you don’t have to wait years for developers to release a mobile version of your favorite game.

Superior Graphics: With NetBoom, there’s no need to compromise on low settings just to enjoy your favorite PC games. Play them on your phone as if you were using a high-end PC

Simple controls: Netboom has simple default controls. This means that the controls will be changed according to the mobile game. You are free to use virtual or physical mouse and keyboard controllers.

Download once: Once you install Netboom and sign up for an account, you can now play whenever you want! You don’t need to install it individually to play the game.

Available worldwide: Netboom is available anywhere in the world! Whether you’re in the mountains of Russia or the plains of Africa, as long as you have an internet connection you can play!

Low Latency: Netboom offers low latency as it can reduce it to 6ms for Southeast Asian countries. This means you can expect a lag-free experience while using this app!

No space needed: We all know how hungry these latest games are for space, but with NetBoom, you only need 50 MB. Now, you don’t even need to delete the files required to download your favorite games.

Download the APK of the Netboom app on your phone and enjoy playing unlimited PC games.

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Safety Check:

The Netboom - PC Games On Phone has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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