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Lucky Patcher APK is one of those tools that can mod apps and games and provide you with many additional features that you will not find when you play the games without this tool. You can do a lot of things when you download lucky patcher APK file on your android device.

When people can not have enough resources for the games, they tend to download these types of tools such as Cheat Engine, Lulubox, Game Guardian, and Nicoo. The lucky patcher app is one of those tools but with some unique features.

About Lucky Patcher

The lucky patcher app is such a tool that will enhance your gaming experience. You will have a nice time when playing games by using lucky patcher APK. It is a patch tool that helps you to find your luck in games.

This tool is a great app when people can not afford paid apps. You will be allowed to play paid games for free that’s why you will not need to purchase paid apps and games. It will remove google ads when you play a game or use any app with an internet connection.

Why Do People Download Lucky Patcher App?

As you know, not everyone can afford paid apps and games. There are a lot of people who want to use paid apps for free. When a user can not afford in-app purchases then he should download Lucky Patcher APK file to use premium apps and games.

Install Lucky Patcher APK because it bypass in-app purchases and helps you to not purchase paid apps. You will not have to remove license verifications from paid apps. The app developers have done a great job while developing this amazing tool for users because it bypass license verification of the app.

Functions Of Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky patcher app helps you to modify most of the games so that gamers can fully enjoy playing games and spend quality time. The main function of the lucky patcher is to remove license verification. You can also block ads and remove all those system apps that you do not want.

You can install lucky patcher APK file when you have limited characters in games. This APK file modify app permissions with root access. But you can still perform many modifications in games and apps on your android device. It has fixed bugs that do not allow google play to install apps.

How Can Android Users Use Lucky Patcher On Android Devices?

Android users can easily use lucky patcher on their phones if they know what they want to do. If you have not used this app before or it’s your first time experiencing Lucky Patcher then you should be able to know how can a person use lucky patcher on their phone.

Remove license verification (Automatic Mode)

You should have a stable internet connection otherwise the procedure may be slower or the low quality and sometimes it’s even failed. You should ensure the stability of the app for every part of the template.

For removing license verification auto mode, you can try inverted mode if the first one is not successful and this method is somehow different than the first one mentioned.

Remove license verification (Extreme Mode)

You should use all templates for removing license verification by using extreme mode when you find out that there is an applicant in offline apps that is unstable.

Remove License Verification (Manual Mode)

If you have tried the above method but none of them worked, then you should use the manual mode for removing license verification. This process will scan the device and then you can patch the license verification object.

You should make a backup of your apps and choose the patch option and tap the Launch button. Now make a backup by tapping the button on the top of the screen. Click on the patch option and launch it. Click on the restore option if the process is not successful.

Remove License Verification (Selected Patterns)

For using this method, you should choose a template. If you see ads and Lucky patcher can not figure them out then you should patch to remove google ads. In this way, it will remove ads.


Always use the original app that is signed by the original developer. If you do not want any changes and want to go back then select Restore.

Disable Ads Activities

This option allows you to disable ads activity and you can also choose some activity if any apps stop working. InApp emulation can be used for this purpose when you switch the toggle.

You can also use Disable Components ‘pm disable’ method so that you can remove any chosen services, permission, and many more. You can use this method because it is not harmful to your device.


Make sure to have internet access. If you have then run the application.

Change Permissions (Unstable Method)

If you want to use this method, then you should be very careful because using this method requires a lot of attention and it is unstable. You should create a backup before using this method.

Change Permissions and Activities (Safe Method)

If this method is applied to android, then it will work for system applications. This method is used to rebuild the application with the changes you want.


Select the permission to enable or disable (Green and Red respectively). Make sure to apply Reboot.

Change Permissions and Activities Rebuild and Install: This is the same as the safe method but the only difference is with removing the original signature and assigning a new signature.

Create Modified APK: This method works by creating a patch for installing an app with the pre-applied patch.

Remove ODEX with Changes: You can remove Remove ODEX with Changes option by removing this feature. This will make the app in its original state.

Remove selected saved purchases: You can remove the purchases that are saved through Google billing emulation.

Play With More Game Resources On Android Device

Lucky Patcher app comes in handy when you have installed apps and games but their resources are less. You can increase the game resources if you install lucky patcher APK. With the help of this APK, you can remove license verifications and system apps along with app permissions.

So whenever you think that there are fewer gaming resources in a game or you want to unlock a character that seems to be very powerful and may help you to achieve the level then you should not think twice and immediately download this app on your phone.

How Can We Use Lucky Patcher For In-App-Purchases?

Open Lucky patcher on your android phone and go to the toolbox at the bottom of the screen. Now tap the Patch to android option and select all the patches that are displayed. Now open the app or game that you want to beget modified.

Go to the shopping menu and find the in-app purchases option and tap the buy button. You will see a message saying Do you want to get this item for free? Click on the Yes option and you will get that thing for free.

Is There No Root Version Of Lucky Patcher Available?

No, there is no root version of lucky patcher is not available. Lucky Patcher is one of the advanced apps that help you in-app purchases, remove ads, and allow custom patches on your android phone.

You can use Lucky patcher in multiple languages and play the official version of games and modify app permissions. The developer has created a new installer app to install lucky patcher.

Features Of Lucky Patcher

Remove Ads

With the help of the lucky patcher app, android users can remove or block ads on their android games and apps. Sometimes when you play games with an internet connection, you see too many ads. This may spoil your experience of playing games online.

To help you with this problem in many apps and games, you can install Lucky patcher app so that you can easily block unwanted apps in the game. In this way, whenever you play games you will not see any ad that disturbs you while playing games.

Get Unlimited Coins and Gems

If you play games like Subway Surfers, Highway Rider, Hill Climb Racing, Temple Run, Rail Rush, etc, you will need coins or gems. These coins can be used in the game to buy different products. You can unlock a character that you want to play with him and do many tasks.

There are some people who just want to have unlimited coins in the game. When you have coins and gems you can do whatever you want in the game. You can buy more lives or any special product that costs too many coins because after installing lucky patcher app on your device, you will not face the issue of less coins.

Remove Unwanted App permissions

Whenever you install third-party apps or games on your android, you will see a threat that warns you to not install this app or game. This can be annoying sometimes to see the install threat. That’s why you should use lucky patcher APK.

So whenever you download any third-party APK file on your phone, you can easily install it without seeing a security threats notification.

Install Paid Games and Apps For Free

Have you ever wanted to download a game and it turns out to be a paid app or game? If yes, then downloading lucky patcher APK file is the solution to your problem. You can install your favorite games even if they are paid. But you will not have to spend your money to play paid games.

This is one of the best features of lucky patcher cracking tool. Now you can easily install paid apps for free on your android devices with the help of lucky patcher. It allows custom patches for your app and allows you to easily pass in-app purchase verification.

Convert Apps To System Apps

If you want to convert your favorite apps to system apps, then lucky patcher is the perfect hacking tool that try can use for this purpose. You do not even need to spend money for converting your app into a system app. You can convert the external file into internal memory.

This hacking tool will make a copy of those apps or games that you want to be in system apps. So whenever you want to access these apps you will not have to install them. In fact, they are already installed on your android phone as a system app. You can also remove system apps by using lucky patcher.

Move Apps

You can move your apps to your SD card. So if you face fewer storage issues on your android devices, you can use this feature of Lucky Patcher. You will never face the storage issues on your phone with the help of this hacking tool by moving apps in the latest version of the Lucky patcher advanced tool.

Sometimes, when you download apps or games, they can not be downloaded because you do not have sufficient storage on your phone. To help you with this, Lucky patcher was developed so that you can move your apps from the internal storage of the phone to the SD card. You can change the saved locations for the latest apps on your android.

Backup Data

You are allowed to take a backup of your games and other apps. You can also perform many tasks with the help of Lucky Patcher. By using Lucky Patcher on your android devices, you can also retrieve your data easily.

You can take a backup of the data of your apps or games after patching. It shows which app shows google ads and which app or game has custom patch modifications.

What’s New

  • Updated translations
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added icon for unknown apps for backups dialog
  • Fixed magisk module algorithm
  • Fixed write parameters for data backups
  • Fixed read parameters for data packups
  • Fixed Integrate updates to /product, /vendor, /system_ext
  • Fixed message for group integrate updates to /system

Meanings Of Different Colors In Lucky Patcher

If you have not used Lucky Patcher, then you should know the meaning of the colors provided in this app.

Red: It means no chance to be registered.

Green: There is a chance that you can register this app.

Orange: This is a system application so be careful otherwise you may damage the operating system or the application.

Yellow: There is already a custom patch in the directory.

Magenta: This app is already on bootlist.

Cyan: There is a google ads script.

Purple: It contains google in-app purchases.

Clover: This app is changed by Lucky patcher.

Star[*]: The Dalvik cache has been edited for this app.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Lucky Patcher


Lucky Patcher bypass license verification and help you to serve in multiple languages. You can use the official version and modify them by using lucky patcher.


Lucky Patcher may not work in many apps or games because the in-app purchases code is hidden or inaccessible. You will need to patch it after the app is upgraded.

Fix App Not Installed Error While Installing Lucky Patcher

  • Go to the Google Play store and tap on the three dots.
  • Find the play protect option in Google play.
  • Now disable scan device for security threats in the play store for play protect.
  • You will need to ignore a warning and click on the OK option.
  • Now install Lucky patcher APK and you will not face any issues from the Google play protect.

In this way, you can be fixed bugs and the error that does not allow you to custom patch and in-app purchase using Lucky patcher.

Requirements To Install Lucky Patcher

Before anything else, you should make sure that your device meets the requirements to use Lucky Patcher. If the following standards do not meet then you should try to upgrade your device and have the following conditions.

  • You should have root access or a rooted device for installing this great app.
  • This app works on smartphones with Android versions 2.3+
  • You will require at least 2GB RAM to function this app properly.
  • You will also need 10 GB of free storage for the app to work optimally.

Some Other Permissions

Along with the above-mentioned requirements, you also required some other permissions which are given below:

  • Permission to read the data on SD Card.
  • For approximate location.
  • To modify to delete the file on the card.
  • To draw over the app and modify system changes.

Install Lucky Patcher On Android Phone

The installation process for installing the lucky patcher is very simple. As this app is not available in the Google play store, so you have to click on the download button and get Lucky patcher to use all the features. It is best if you have root access and a rooted device otherwise Lucky patcher can also be used on a non-rooted device.

Note: Lucky patcher is not trusted by Google Play protect app, that’s why you will not find this app on the Google play store.

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