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HushSMS is an app that is used for FRP unlocking android devices. By using HushSMS FRP APK, you can verify security through penetration tests and bypass Samsung FRP. You can easily unlock all new and old Samsung devices.

This app is mainly designed to unlock FRP for Android Smartphones and works best with Samsung smartphones. With the help of bypassing the Google account verification screen, you can easily access the option of Factory reset protection.

About HushSMS APK

HushSMS APK is an application that lets you send messages and penetrate testing to detect system vulnerabilities. With the help of HushSMS FRP APK, android users access smart SMS sending features on their android device. The main purpose of developing the HushSMS APK is to bypass the google account lock from android phones without using a PC.

The app support android/tablets in case you have forgotten the FRP lock with the help of this bypass app interface. You can easily do this procedure on your Samsung phones by clicking on your browser sign.

Why Do People Download HushSMS APK?

Bypass FRP Lock is still a major concern for those who have purchased used Android devices with Screen Lock and tried factory resetting the device to remove the lock screen. Mostly, such attempts prompt the Android OS to verify the Google account before installing these devices.

It’s time to bypass Google accounts on Android devices. With this app, you can easily bypass the FRP account verification lock. If you are worried about flashing the device or don’t want to use a free FRP bypass app, the HushSMS app will help you to unlock your Google account easily in a few minutes on your android device.

Functions of HushSMS FRP APK

HushSMS APK is not like other typical communication apps such as Miitomo and Cyber WhatsApp.

By using HushSMS APK, you can remove all Google account verifications by resetting the phone. WAP Push SL SMS contains some useful information about account deletion as well as some encryption and decryption techniques on your android phone.

FRP bypass app interface is very easy to understand. You can easily remove the FRP lock and send short messages on your locked device. With the help of this app, you can send push SMS and get the app for personal and commercial use.

Best Way For Google Account Verification Screen

It is clear that a large number of Android users forget passwords, passcodes, and patterns. You must also have forgotten your google account sometimes. In this case, you must want to retrieve your google account lock. Most of the apps only provide fingerprint locks. There are times when your fingerprint does not work due to scratches.

So what are the precautions to be taken at this time? Of course, you will go to computer specialists in the mobile market. Now having only one android app is very easy with the advancement of science. It can be used on the basis of movements.

You guys will be surprised by using HushSMS without paying a single penny. No PC is needed for this procedure as it’s an Android app, so download this app for free to save your money, and get multiple benefits.

Works Perfect for Samsung Android Phone

With the Hush SMS app service, you can send such private messages to other phones and get information about the phone. This works perfectly for Samsung android phones by inserting an active sim card without a pin lock into the FRP-locked android device.

You will have to open the app and click on the WPA Push SL button for further procedure.

Standard SMS: Standard messages that can be sent to all devices. 160 characters max.

Flash SMS: Always displayed in a popup and can only be read, but not saved or forwarded. It appears without the sender’s knowledge.

MMS notification: Automatically generated by the service provider, never created by the user. When such a message is sent, the recipient will receive a notification.

Silent SMS/Ping SMS: This SMS is received without notifying the recipient. SMS Ping works in order to retrieve the sender’s information history.

WAP PUSH SI (Service Signal): It is sent by companies to inform their customers of their software, credit cards, etc.

WAP PUSH SL (Download Service): Send users from suppliers to improve user interaction. 40 characters max.

ByPass Google Account Verification Lock

HushSMS APK latest android version uses the new technology to bypass google account verification for FRP lock on your android phone. Once you unlock your android device, you can send WPA Push SL on your phone without any restrictions. This delivery message confirms the active sim card so you will be able to know that your Sim card is active due to the confirmation message.

It sends a specific type of SMS (Push SMS) containing information to other phones when deleting a Google account from an Android device. As a derivative of this app, HushSMS FRP Unlock can be used to bypass FRP lock on Samsung mobile devices when you download Hush APK for Android and use it to unlock your Samsung device.

Features of HushSMS

Disable FRP lock: By using HushSMS FRP APK, you can disable or remove FRP Lock. You can easily do google verification of your google account on your smartphone android/tablets.

Compatible: This app can be easily used on all your android devices, especially Samsung android phones. If you have an FRP-enabled phone, then you can use this app to unlock FRP locked device by connecting your Samsung mobile to the Wifi network.

Ordinary SMS: You can send normal SMS of 160 characters. In this way, you can send specific messages aside from removing your Gmail account.

Special Messages: You can not only remove your google account but also send MMS notifications, WAP Push SL, and SI on the screen display of your Samsung device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HushSMS


HushSMS APK is very useful in the case of forgotten password security on your android lollipop 5.0 and other Samsung devices such as the Samsung Note series. This is an ad-free app that can send short messages on GSM networks.


Although HushSMS is a legal app still you will have to download HushSMS APK file from third-party websites because this app is not available on the Google play store.

Install APK File of HushSMS App on Android Devices

Click on the download button to download HushSMS APK file on your android device. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources to install HushSMS FRP APK file on your phone.

Find the downloaded file of HushSMS FRP APK from the file manager and tap on the install button to start the installation process. Once the installation is completed, you can open the FRP bypass app on your android operating system and bypass the account FRP verification lock.

Note: Make sure to download and install the updated version of HushSMS APK on your android phone to get the maximum advantages of this application.

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