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AVG AntiVirus & Security

AVG AntiVirus & Security

AVG Mobile

AVG AntiVirus is a protection shield for your device that you may need if you are someone who often visits strange sites and apps and is afraid of bringing viruses to your phone. With this app, keep your device fully protected by instantly scanning apps, games, settings, and files to prevent malicious intrusions.

You will need to open the app and tap on the Scan Now option. In this way, all the apps installed on your device will be scanned. It will then alert you after noticing any suspicious app on your phone.

These are some of the main features of the AVG AntiVirus app:

Scanner: This app is the best scanner for your device. This will help you scan all the apps, games, and other files on your device to see if any of them contain any viruses.

Speed Up: You may have noticed that after some time your device becomes slow due to various reasons. This will help speed up your device by eliminating all the tasks that are slowing down your device.

Free up space: This app will help you free up a lot of storage space on your device by clearing all the unnecessary files which is amazing.

App Lock: You can easily lock any of your apps using a PIN or password. You will be able to access any of your applications using the password.

Hide Private Photos: This feature will help you easily hide any of your private photos without letting anyone else see them.

VPN: It also has a VPN feature that will help you stay anonymous and hence you will be able to do a lot of work online and no one will be able to track you.

Security alert: Since you’ve set a password on all your apps, you’ll receive an alert if someone tries to access your device.

Ease of Use: It comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface that will make it easy for anyone to use the application. You will not face any problems while using the AVG AntiVirus app.

Download the APK of the AVG AntiVirus app on your phone and clear your phone with any malicious virus.

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APK 24.1.1 (56 MB)
Safety Check:

The AVG AntiVirus & Security has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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