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Psiphon Pro APK is a professional VPN application that helps users to access the Internet with a new experience without any restrictions or problems. It will protect users from any cyber attack or instant data theft from any suspicious website. Using VPN not only provides complete security but also gives users unlimited internet speed so that they can do whatever they want on any website.

Psiphon Pro is an open-source software browsing tool designed to help millions of users around the world bypass censorship that has led to heavy censorship of parts of the Internet, which affected the expression of a handful of countries. Freedom is on the app allows you to hide your connection using VPN with SSH and HTTP proxy masking techniques.

Why should we download Psiphon Pro APK?

Once you start the application, you will be connected to the Psiphon Pro APK server, which will guarantee you access to any web page in the world through a proxy network and avoid getting in the way. If you want to access a website or Internet service, the Psiphon Pro app lets you do so. Plus, you get an extra layer of security when you’re online. In other words, you can freely surf the Internet without revealing your identity.

Once connected to a secure proxy network, the app lets you browse through your browser where you can add favorites, set up a homepage, and pretty much anything else you can do with any other browser. Psiphon Pro is a very interesting app for those Android users who have to deal with this kind of censorship issue. The same can be said for users who want to browse anonymously without leaving a trace on each page.

How to use Psiphon Pro APK?

The working structure of the siphon is very simple. Like other VPN apps, a tunnel has opened up and it looks like you’re connecting to other countries. Do you want to use the app only on the browser available within the app? Or you can use it in all applications.

One of the features offered by Psiphon Pro is the ability to watch your internet traffic. So, if you want to access the internet without any restrictions, then Psiphon is for you.

Psiphon Pro gives you unparalleled access to your favorite news broadcast or social media platform. By its very nature, Psiphon Pro protects you even when you reach a WiFi hotspot by creating a secure private tunnel between you and the Internet. Psiphon Pro is the best VPN tool to access everything on the Internet.

Allow access to your favorite platforms

It gives you unparalleled access to your favorite news broadcasts or social media platforms. By its very nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you from accessing Wi-Fi hotspots by creating a private and secure tunnel between you and the Internet.

The application allows you to freely navigate the Internet. You will be linked to all inactive websites that are blocked due to censorship or other factors. Plus, you’ll get rid of the clutter you don’t need.


These are the features in this app:

  • The service is able to improve connectivity to reduce data costs.
  • It does not require a connection to a specific server like other VPNs.
  • Users can control the amount of traffic used by the application with their statistics.
  • The tool automatically selects the most efficient and reliable protocol to keep the user anonymous.
  • Very easy to use: Simply initiate a connection with the app and open the browser to start browsing.


  • Direct usage statistics are provided.
  • The architecture will be updated from time to time.


  • Suddenly the connection can be cut.
  • Online flash games are not supported.
  • Ads will affect your connection speed.
  • Not as many servers as other VPN packages.

Download Psiphon Pro APK

This Psiphon Edition is funded by advertising which means you must see a commercial every time you use the service. But, it is a small price to pay for such high-quality service. This is the Pro version of Psiphon, a free and secure VPN app for Android. In addition, you will be able to link to any site that Psiphon Pro has come into contact with and block access to it.

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