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QooApp APK is an Asian video game marketplace that lets you download a lot of Android games to your mobile phone. It is an alternative app store for Android devices full of manga and anime items where we can also download various games and comics. You will find games inspired by St. Cia, Dragon Ball, One Pace, and Naruto to name a few popular franchises.

It provides an easy way to access Japanese games. Although there is no evidence that the app itself is insecure, it is possible to download games that are protected by the app and/or malware. That’s why some people have plenty of time to access or download it.

How to use QooApp APK?

QooApp is very easy to use. The interface is divided into different tabs. First, you have a list of all the video games sorted by popularity, in the second you can see the list of upcoming games, and in the third tab, you can see different events. You do not need to create an account before you can start downloading any game.

All you have to do is click on the download button of your desired video game, wait a few seconds and download the APK file. The next thing you know, you can start playing any game you’ve downloaded. QooApp is a really interesting option for finding video games on Android. However, you will find most games in Japanese, Chinese or Korean. From time to time, you will find a game in English …

Easy to use interface

The QooApp APK interface is very simple and easy to operate. It is divided into 5 tabs. The first tab displays a list of popular games, while the second tab lists games that will be released soon. Finally, the third tab provides users with a list of various events that occur in featured sports.

One of the unique features of this App Store is Server Assistant. It’s basically a media assistant disguised as a cute anime character who guides you through the functions and features of the store. In addition, it keeps you informed of the latest versions and updates of the app.

An anime focused game

QooApp APK is a fun application that allows you to play various anime games and discover new comic series. More than an anime-focused game store, its potential is far greater because it offers more interesting features that enable you to learn more about Otaku culture.

It is available for free download on the developer’s website or you can choose to scan the QR code to install it directly on your Android phone. Fans of Japanese-style comics and anime have a reason to celebrate because they can download QooApp, the store that offers us thousands of free manga and anime games for Android.

The latter is distributed on this platform in APK format, which allows you to run the installation immediately after downloading it. Japanese anime fans can rejoice because a special comics tab has been set up for easy navigation.

Advantages of QooApp 

QooApp APK is a good app store exclusively for Japanese cartoons and apps. Using this app store, you will be able to find games inspired by popular anime franchises such as St. Cia, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto.

However, applications and games are not the only content we can find on this platform as they also provide us with a wide range of comics that can be searched by categories and which are constantly updated.

It works like a Steam downloader platform, with a design almost identical to the Google Play Store. So there will be no problem downloading apps from here. The obstacle you will encounter is the language of the application. Since most applications will be in local and Japanese languages. The latest news about upcoming games and updates is regularly posted on the News tab.


  • Allows access to older games.
  • Easy access to Japanese games
  • Works on mobile phones and consoles.
  • Makes the most popular game like Steam


  • Comics only supports Japanese.
  • Most games are for consoles only
  • Library applications are not tested for malware.
  • The stability of the library application has not been tested.
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