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An iOS emulator for Android.



Cider APK is an app launcher that adds an aspect of the iPhone to your Android device. Change the interface of your operating system to something similar to iOS 10. The Apple GUI is definitely something that everyone wants because it has some great features that we can’t find in Android.

So in order to serve Android users with the luxury of an amazing GUI for iPhone, Cider Emulator is designed like iEMU APK. One of the reasons why many consumers spend their money on the Apple iPhone is its nice side. This takes into account both the design of the device and the graphical interface of the iOS operating system.

Why should we use Cider APK?

If you look at an Apple phone and feel like Standalone Syndrome, but can’t afford to bypass the miserable Android, you can always download this apple launcher. Cider APK is a free emulator designed to make your Android device look like an Apple device.

The iOS interface is visually different from the Android one, so if you are missing the first or want to try it without buying an Apple device, this tool can help.

If you are infected with iOS, you will need to download Cider APK now. Because it will allow you to enjoy great features on your Android phone which include iTunes, Time Machine, etc. So, don’t you want to use these apps and more? Download it now and enjoy Apple Word on Android.

Advantages of Cider APK

Cider APK  is a mobile app platform that allows anyone to create cross-platform mobile apps using a combination of C++ and JavaScript code. It is the solution for you and everyone who wants an iPhone.

As an iOS emulator, Cider APK changes not only the visual aesthetics but also the apps you can use with your Android device. You can now use certain iOS apps on your phone or tablet – and you won’t have to pay to run them on your device. Also, this is lightweight and will not affect your Android device.


  • No ads
  • Lightweight
  • No vacation


  • It’s a bit difficult to set up.
  • Not in the Google Play Store
  • Not compatible with some devices
  • A small amount of space will slow down your device.

Now, why wait until you buy an iPhone to enjoy some of the iOS features. Now you can enjoy and try it out. Even on your regular Android smartphone, you can have this great iOS. Let’s download the cider app file and have a great experience with iPhone.

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File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.4
6 MB
July 20, 2020

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