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Train your dragons to compete with other players online.



Dragon City APK is a social sim game where you live in a fantasy realm full of magic. Create a world where your dragons can thrive by providing them with ample resources, including areas for them to rest, eat, play and live their happy, healthy dragon life.

Discover, train, and master over 100 unique dragons. As the game updates, every week so does the number of dragons available to play. That being said, dragons are playful, lively creatures and would only want to live in your city if, and only if – it has the qualities that are after them.

Why should we download Dragon City APK?

Are you ready to compete in the most famous dragon game ever and collect lots of furry dragons that breathe fire? Dragon City APK is one of the easiest and most enjoyable games, especially for children. Train them to your liking, expand your collection, and prove your strength to claim the title of Top Dragon Master in the world? Train your dragon to fight against other online players. From there, combine 10 different types of dragons into one race to defeat the rest of the players in Dragon City Universe.

Players can search, train, and master over a hundred different dragons. Build a Dragon City on floating islands and fill it with fields, houses, buildings, and tons of dragons. Treat your beloved Baby Dragons collection well and feed them to expand your collection and fight in PvP arenas and nurture them into amazing beasts.

How to play Dragon City APK?

It is a great fun social game that kids (and adults) will love because of its great graphics and engaging gameplay. Build a Dragon City on floating islands, fill it with fields, houses, buildings, and tons of dragons! Train them to your liking, feed them and turn them into amazing monsters and prove that you can become the greatest dragon master in the world! Overall, this title is a real winner.

What is the purpose of the Dragon City APK?

The main purpose of Dragon City is to train its dragons so that they can compete with other players online. Join forces with other Dragon Masters in the game by joining the Alliance. Chat, participate in alliance events, unlock trade rates and special prizes.

Combine Dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend, and many more elements to get charming, unique hybrids to expand your collection. Dragon City is a fun social game that kids will probably love most because of their youth. Connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show the world your records.


These are the features in Dragon City game:

  • Complete the Dragon Book There are over 1000 awesome dragons that breed and collect to build your Dragon City.
  • Decorate your dragons with cool dragon skins for special occasions.
  • Collect orbs and empower your dragons: watch their power increase in battle.
  • In the Tree of Life, summon dragons from the magical world and test their skills.
  • New dragons join the game each week through breeding events and special islands.
  • Adventure through Dragon Quest and play against other Dragon Masters in the game’s PvP arenas to collect a variety of Dragons, claim the Chest of the Warriors and climb the Leaderboard.
  • Unlock modern features of Dragon City such as the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragon.
  • Join the social alliance to play and fight with other Dragon Masters. Chat with them, trade Arbus in the mall, participate in Alliance Gift events, and open Alliance Chests.
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Dec 2nd, 2021

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