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Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator


About Yandere Simulator

If you are a lover of sandbox games then you must love this game known as Yandere Simulator APK. You can experience the life of a possessive lover in the game. It also has some brutal scenes and images that are enough to chill you out all day long.

If you are below 18 then this game is not recommended for you as it contains scenes of violence. The game includes violent acts such as threats, assaults, and even murder.

These are features that you will see while playing this game:

Lots of Options: The game offers you lots of options. You can pick and choose what you want to do. You have to be smart enough to clear the obstacles in your way while remaining innocent and maintaining your honor in front of the whole school.

Manga-Style Graphics: The game has high-quality manga-style graphics that look very attractive. Moreover, the visuals and animations are so smooth and beautiful that they give you goosebumps. The sound quality is good, which gives you a great gaming experience.

Free and Easy to Play: The game is free to play. Moreover, it has very simple controls that you can easily play without any problem. There is a joystick on the left side to control your character’s movement. Select your functions by pressing the keys on the right.

So if you think that you need to give this game a try then download Yandere Simulator app on your phone and experience the life of a possessive lover.

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