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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga


About Pet Rescue Saga

If you love pets then I’m sure that you will also like Pet Rescue Saga APK. This game basically lets you break sets of blocks to pass each level and rescue the animals inside them.

Your goal in this game is to find and burst side-by-side or upside-down boxes of the same color so that you can rescue the captive animals.

Let’s talk about the features that you will find in the Pet Rescue Saga game:

Plan Ahead: Make sure you’re always thinking about where the blocks will fall when you put the set together. So, try to plan ahead and focus on saving your pets instead of collecting things to get a high score.

Use Boosts: You can get boosts to get rid of multiple blocks at once. Use these things wisely and make sure you don’t throw them in useless queues. Want to use them to rescue pets?

Don’t accept life when you’ve reached your limit: Your friends may choose to give you life, but be careful – if you accept it when you’ve already had a full life, you’re giving it up.

Don’t let your pet get high: If your pet gets too high, it will get scared and start shaking. That means pet thieves are about to kidnap him. Keep your pets as low as possible and try to knock them to the ground to free them.

Use the computer if you’re stuck: It seems easier to complete the levels on the computer than on your phone. If you have trouble, switch to the desktop version of Facebook.

If you find this game interesting then hurry up and download Pet Rescue Saga on your phone.

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