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Looney Tunes Dash!

Looney Tunes Dash!


About Looney Tunes Dash

Do you like running games? If yes, then you will surely like to play Looney Tunes Dash APK on your phone. This game provides you with a fun-filled running experience that is never-ending. You will have to protect the playable characters from the many dangers found in the game’s many levels.

There are many secrets in this game that can only be discovered by playing this game. There are many difficulties, especially when you try to complete the endless mode.

Main Characters: Play with the main characters of Warner Brothers cartoons.

Unlock Maps: You will need to unlock map areas by completing level objectives.

Discover: Discover each character’s special abilities and advance faster. Develop your flying skills, avoid obstacles, and soak up every coin.

Earn Points: Play pranks with other Looney Tunes characters and earn extra coins and points.

Learn Facts: Collect Looney Tunes collectible cards and learn fun facts about each crazy character.

If you get nostalgic vibes, then you should download Looney Tunes Dash game on your phone.

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