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OuO APK can turn your mobile device into a simple but really cool thing where you can check strokes, clicks, hugs, and reactions. Games like Talking Tom or Pou brought virtual pets to mobile phones that were already popular at the time, especially the BANADI with Tamagotchi. What we find in OuO is not the same as a virtual mascot, although it does share a particular concept. And better yet, because that way we don’t feel like we have to worry about an electronic bug that we don’t care about.

This simple game puts a face on your device. A simple face, but it reacts to stimuli: you can love it, pinch it, shake it, and it will react happy, upset, even embarrassed. Your developers didn’t realize the design. White letters and different reactions on a black background … Probably very few in the opinion of many users who want to enjoy more faces.

Why should we download OuO APK?

Ever wanted to have a cute face on your phone or tablet? Have you ever thought about her eyes, cheeks, or maybe even trembling? Well, now you can! : Doctor. OuO APK is a quasi-face app with which you can interact by touching the screen (you can blink your eye to make him blink, pat his forehead, pat his cheek, and more!)

Well, in short, this is a mini-game that we invite you to download, especially if you are very proud of your latest Samsung Galaxy and you do not know how to express your love. Now you can raise it and see how happy it is … or put a finger in its eye, you will see.

How to play OuO APK?

You can press the menu button on your phone/tablet to access the options menu, which includes a short animated quick help and some additional settings that you can play with. Oh, and there’s also a good indicator that shows OuO’s current mood (he might get angry if you touch his eyes again and again, but if you rub him in his head he’ll forget it) Will affect the various random faces that he can and the way he will react to certain actions). And if you do nothing, you can sit back and watch what makes beautiful and crazy faces.


Beautiful skin, shapes, and images are always at the top of our list when we want to put them on our devices. Have you ever thought about slapping or shaking their eyes or cheeks if you think of such things? And now you can too! These are the features that you will find in the latest version of OuO APK.

  • Now in version 1.3b: A new option button has been added to the screen for users who do not have a menu button.
  • Turn left or right to blink to access the facial recognition menu.
  • It also responds when connected to a power source.
  • A special anti-sleep mode can now be configured to ensure that the screen does not turn off automatically.
  • Vibration behavior has changed. Now, you need to move it faster and more violently.
  • Apps are now able to store their settings and start from where they left off.

In short, OuO is a Kawaii face that you can communicate with just by touching the screen. Even if you don’t want to do anything, you will still see it because it beautifies your face. So download OuO now and start using it.

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What's new

Added an on-screen options button for users without a menu button. Lean left or right to hit the eye. Face selection menu OuO now reacts to being idle for a while and then picking it up again. Reacts even when connected to a power source. Sleep deprivation mode to prevent the screen from closing The mood bar can now be changed manually. Change in shake behavior. It needs a longer and more violent movement. Settings are now maintained after closing the app.

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