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VirtualXposed is a launcher for Android that makes it possible to create virtual or parallel spaces where you can run APK files of any application as if they were plugins.

The main role in this application is played by the framework that allows you to customize your Android device by installing various modules to make changes to many applications and give you a brand-new experience.

These are some of the popular features that you will see in the VirtualXposed:

Run any application as a plugin: VirtualXposed allows you to run any APK application as a plugin in virtual space. So you don’t need to root any APK, and you also don’t need to worry about apps interfering with your device.

No rooting: You can create a virtual space with VirtualXposed. It doesn’t need to root your device. You don’t even need to use a bootloader or change the system image.

Use Game Guardian on VirtualXposed: Game Guardian is a popular game tool for Android devices, which allows you to change the amount, number of coins, HP, SP, and more of any game.

Play Any Game in Virtual Space: You can install any game on VirtualXposed and play the game in Virtual Space without rooting or registering.

YouTube AdWay: You can use YouTube AdAWay on VirtualXposed without rooting. So you can enjoy watching your favorite videos on YouTube without any ads. You can also download YouTube videos directly to your device.

Supported on multiple devices: VirtualXposed is supported on almost all Android devices. So you can use it to create your own virtual space on Android mobile phones and tablets.

Security is a priority: Since it doesn’t require any root and doesn’t modify the system image, your device is completely safe. It just acts as a sandbox environment that won’t interfere with your regular applications or systems.

So hurry up and download the APK of the VirtualXposed app on your phone to use all these features.

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APK 0.22.0 (7 MB)
Safety Check:

The VirtualXposed has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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