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Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon

Ubisoft Entertainment

About Hungry Dragon

Do you want to know about the life of a dragon? Here we have Hungry Dragon APK, which is an amazing game that allows you to become a dragon. In this game, eat and destroy everything that comes in your way, be it big cities, forests or villages.

The game has a lot of unlockable dragons and interesting customization options.

Here are the features of the Hungry Dragon game:

Collect Gold Coins: In this game, when you eat creatures, you also get gold coins. Try to collect as many of them as you can as they are used to unlock other dragons in this game.

Different types of dragons: The game offers up to 10 types of dragons, not just one or two. Each dragon is unique from others in this game.

Intuitive Control System: It offers simple controls with just one joystick to guide your dragon. It’s up to you how to motivate your dragon to catch multiple prey at once and start a fire.

Stunning Graphics: In Hungry Dragon, each dragon is beautifully drawn to perfection and shows off all of its amazing moves in 3D. There are also effects that will leave you speechless like fire and other things.

Dress up and customize: In true gaming fashion, you can also customize your dragon’s costume. It doesn’t affect how you play, but it does add a little excitement to the game.

To become a dragon, you can download Hungry Dragon game on your phone.

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