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Overcome the terrifying dragons.



The Hungry Dragon APK is a version of the amazing Hungry Shark … but with a dragon as your hero. Your goal is to eat everything that goes into the space and get the best score. Beware of enemies bigger than you! Overcome the terrifying dragons, fly, burn and eat through a medieval world full of legends, monsters, and delicious, satisfying prey!

The controls in Hungry Dragon APK are practically identical to what you saw in Hungry Shark: on the right side of the screen you will see a virtual movement stick and on the left side you will see another virtual stick that will make you move. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love of birds, animals, and humans will come in.

How to play Hungry Dragon APK?

Hungry Dragon APK is a 3D arcade game with a simple and fun style. It offers you great images and great content to unlock. In total, there are over ten different dragons and other pets that you can use to terrorize the world. When you start playing, you will only have one dragon available, but as you progress and play, you begin to gain experience.

Take the rage out of Hungry Dragon, a fun and exciting flying action game where everything and everyone is on the list! You can then unlock larger and larger dragons. The bigger they get, the more relationships you will have. Also, as the dragon gets bigger, you can unlock new areas that you can’t reach as a small companion.

The gameplay of the Hungry Dragon APK

Immerse yourself in the Hungry Dragon APK in this great game of big fish and small fish as you control the creatures that breathe in your epic fire through a series of challenges within the game. Use your amazing powers to destroy enemy strongholds and use whatever comes your way. Continue to use epic and terrifying fire breathing techniques as you effectively take down your enemies.

Purpose of the game

Your ultimate goal will be to control your appetite level, and at the same time, take advantage of the boosts and game features provided for your dragons to unlock new powers and evolutionary forms. In this game, you have to control a big dragon, and eat everything along the way.

Discover places and destroy villages and forests. The game has 10 dragons with different features and abilities, which you can improve and apply costumes. Feel free to choose between the different types of dragons, each with its own unique powers and abilities.

Game controls

In the game Hungry Dragon APK for Android, you will control the hungry dragons that you have to feed against the clock while avoiding many obstacles. The game comes with a simple control system that allows us to manipulate our great flying reptile with our left thumb and control the movement with our right hand.

Complete a series of exciting challenges in the game. Achieve certain goals at each level as you take your dragon into a new world full of fun and obsession with big fish and small fish. Play with friends and other players as you all compete against these amazing dragons.


These features you will see in this game:

  • Play against the clock.
  • Fuel and cut your flames.
  • Raise your status by eating human beings.
  • Destroy villages, forests, caves, landmines.
  • Avoid obstacles that could ruin your health.
  • Unlock different fire-breathing dragons with their own special features.
  • Unlock clothing that will allow you to fly faster, eat more food and start more fires.

Discover the unique gameplay

Explore yourself to discover the wonderful and beautiful medieval world in Hungry Dragon, and this time feel free to discover and experience the unique and interesting gameplay that will surely interest you. Play like a hungry dragon that flies in the air and swallows everything in your path. Discover extensive and addictive gameplay on your mobile devices whenever you have time.

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