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Dan the Man APK is an arcade-style game developed by Halfbrick Studios, which created Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. This is basically a cute, funny, and awesome platform game for Android. You will definitely enjoy Dan and his friends. If you remember playing Super Mario Bros., you will see that these two games are alike.

In a very short time, Dan the Man has become one of the best retro arcade games. As you progress in the game, you need to make sure that you are fast enough to run and fight enemies. Taking a break can be life-threatening.

This legendary game takes us back to the origins of ancient video games to present a platform and action game that will remind you of an old arcade machine game. This is a robot fighting game where you have to fight to kill the robot.

How to play Dan the Man APK?

In Dan the Man, you’ll play as Dan or his teammates, Josie and Barry Stackfree (you’ll have to pay to play with the third). You’ll have to overcome the giant soldiers and robots that claim the lives of villagers in the Pacific. To do this, you have to go through different levels using a simple and classic touchscreen button system.

But you will not only be able to use your fists to accomplish your task: you will also be able to use a wide range of weapons, from classic ninja stars to shotguns, machine guns, and missiles. Your goal is to advance in the strange universe by fulfilling your duties which you have marked with the control you have provided and destroying all your enemies. Dan the Man has three different modes: Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Battle Mode.

What can we do in Dan the Man APK?

With a fun story, action, brilliantly upgraded fighting skills, and an epic weapon that will envy even the most daring heroes, every tough action-platformer. There are plenty of enemies out there to satisfy every indie game fan. Upgrade your favorite character to the best in this platformer game, unlock new abilities and deep epic combos to give your enemies a hard time!

The story mode of the game

Story mode will enhance the story of the game by showing subtitles between scenes. It gives you a way to clear the steps about the game and Dan the Man. Once you’ve completed the main campaign, there’s also Battle Mode – a series of increasingly difficult arena battles, survival mode, weekly challenges that vary between mini-games, time trials, and arcade fights.

Game modes

The plot is ridiculous (keep an eye on the two retorts that pop up all the time) and you will surely laugh. As you collect more and more coins, you’ll be able to improve your deadly techniques and items that will make your journey easier. You can open different suits and there are three challenges available:

  • Story mode.
  • Survival mode.
  • Battle mode.

The survival mode of the game

Survival Mode is for those who need a point-based mode where you have to fight enemies as much as possible to survive. In combat mode, you have to fight the enemies with real seriousness to complete certain levels and achievements. You will find different weapons and powers to fight your enemies. All of Dan Man’s weapons can be upgraded or purchased at the expense of coins.

Game controls

You can choose between two different roles: Dan for men and Josie for women. Game controls are simple forward, backward, jump and punch. Hitting Save Point will save the game and will continue from this point after restarting. Customize your character with all kinds of epic skins and costumes that give you extra benefits in battle. Play your role the way you want!

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What's new

  • NEW EVENT: We celebrate 5 years of Dan The Man with this special event! Help the Geezers fight the Midas touch... Before everything turns to gold.
  • NEW LEVELS AND MISSIONS: Discover new special levels and defeat the golden fighters.
  • NEW SKINS: The Geezers, Dan's best friends, and the golden skin.
  • NEW REWARDS: Don't miss the new emotes and event icons.

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sept 23, 2021

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