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Live as long as possible while freely controlling your imagination. 



LokiCraft APK is a fun craft and exploration game that has successfully picked up the creativity from the popular game Minecraft. This game gives you endless ground to work in, where only your imagination is limited. It is a pixelated game very similar to Minecraft where you can show off your creativity by making all kinds of things while trying to survive.

All of this is, of course, packaged in distinctive grid graphics, a clear indication of this genre. A nice surprise comes in the form of the soundtrack, which is a fine detail that many games lack. In this game, you are always and everywhere, you can have a good time.

Why should we download Loki Craft APK?

If you like Minecraft games and you’re ready for a new adventure, Akseno2 Studio recommends this arcade game for the whole family. Build all kinds of things with unlimited resources or live as long as possible while freely controlling your imagination and creativity. LokiCraft APK is a game similar to Minecraft for mobile devices.

In fact, the developers didn’t bother to hide it at all. In Loki Craft, you’ll be able to find and create anything you can think of. And the best part is that you’ll be able to access any of the many resources near you. Your mission, as you can imagine, is to explore an open world full of mysteries and fascinating landscapes.

How to play LokiCraft APK?

When we start our game, we must choose between two modes of play: survival or creativity. First of all, we have to hunt oak while exploring the world, which gives us a complete and interesting experience. The plains, the caves, the mountains, the parks, the forests, the vast ocean… everything has a little bit of it. Explore this vast world and choose the most interesting place to live and build.

On the other hand, in creative games, we have unlimited resources with which we can build and build until we get tired of them. This game mode is ideal if you want to build amazing buildings or structures where your imagination is the only limit. Actions in this world are limited by your imagination! The game requires no skill – you can know in the first minutes of the game.

The gameplay of the LokiCraft APK

The gameplay in LokiCraft APK is similar to what you’d find in someone else’s title: you control your character’s movements by tapping on the small D-pad on the left side of the screen while swiping your finger to the right. Screen to adjust the view. Like the Creative Mode in the original title, in Lokicraft you’ll have access to unlimited resources from your inventory. You can use these resources to create anything that comes to your mind.

One of the most attractive features of Loki Craft, and what sets it apart from similar titles, is its great graphics and how smoothly it runs. Although it doesn’t have a survival mode, if you just want to explore and create, you’ll find one of the most exciting free alternatives available for Loki Craft.

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What's new

  • Bug fixes
  • New Menü
  • more Animals

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Dec 18th, 2020

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