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KLWhatsApp is an amazing WhatsApp mod that is based on GBWhatsApp that helps you to use more features of WhatsApp. You can easily install KL WhatsApp mod on your phone to have an amazing experience of chatting with your friends.

In this WhatsApp mod, you have more features than GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. This includes all basic features of WhatsApp mode, including shared modifications, adaptation, security locks, privacy editing, etc, but are not limited.

About KLWhatsApp

KLWhatsApp APK is an amazing mod of official WhatsApp that gives its users many features. There are many WhatsApp mod apps such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp but KL WhatsApp mod APK gives you access to get WhatsApp to lock for your KL account mod than other mods.

KLWhatsApp account switching mod is an advanced modded WhatsApp that lets you play WhatsApp videos of WhatsApp statuses. You can record WhatsApp messages secretly if your WhatsApp account. You can use this modded status screen mod to get the WhatsApp theme for your WhatsApp accounts.

Functions of KLWhatsApp

By using this app which is created by Karam Lord and his team, you can change the notification icon and new call icon. You can also change font style and the whole WhatsApp theme. You can watch the contact status video on the official WhatsApp player.

There is also an option to hide/muted recording playing status. You will find a night mode option in this font change app language for your account mods. This is the best WhatsApp mod in privacy mods as well as file sharing mods.

Improve Your Chat Screen Style

Karam Lord and his team developed a KL mod to improve your style for using media mods. You will have starred messages option as well as a language and font option. You can also get a backup and restore process than in other WhatsApp mods.

KLWhatsApp APK also provides you with the WhatsApp web option that helps you to use your WhatsApp mod on a computer screen. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on one WhatsApp app and also get privacy mods.

Are Using WhatsApp Mods Good?

There are many Whatsapp mods such as GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, YOWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp. Among them is another WhatsApp mod APK which is KL WhatsApp. You can get so many features by downloading KL WhatsApp or other mods.

It will have a change notification icon than other WhatsApp mods. This third-party locker app has recently had a conversation-fixed bug as well as a DND mod. You can easily make a KL WhatsApp account to use this modded version.

Features of KLWhatsApp

Themes: If you feel bored of the virtual interface of the official version of the application, it will be your store to stop to customize your interface. It’s time to get rid of the annoying green user interface in WhatsApp.

Install KL WhatsApp on your mobile device, and you can choose from more than 4000 themes in the store. After installing KL WhatsApp on your device, you may see a special option called themes store. It helps to change themes at any time for your home screen as well as call screen.

Customization: Regardless of the use of custom features, KLWhatsApp allows you to customize your chat screen in every possible way. From the type and size of the lines to their colors, there is almost no part of the user experience that you will want to your theme customization and conversation screen in the latest KLWhatsApp version.

Online Notifier: Waiting for an important message or video call? Using this feature, KL WhatsApp users will be notified when the online connection is active.

Freeze last seen: If you don’t want to appear on WhatsApp online, you can freeze another WhatsApp with one click. It does not matter if you use WhatsApp, as soon as this feature is enabled, you will not appear online.

Using this feature, you can use WhatsApp smoothly because your last visit will not be visible to others. You can freeze your last visit whenever you want and revitalize it whenever you want.

Double WhatsApp: If you want to use WhatsApp on the same device, this modified version of WhatsApp can be used as another WhatsApp. This means that you can use both applications on the Android phone itself. Well, with different packages, you can use a total of 2 WhatsApp on your phone.

Sending long videos: Nowadays, online file sharing is a must for everyone. WhatsApp just allows you to send videos with a maximum of 100MB, no more. This is a very annoying feature. Like, what if you record a video of more than 100MB? But with this modded version APK download app, you can send high-quality images without any restrictions.

Close the chat screen: WhatsApp users can easily close the screen by passing the left. Close the screen by simply scrolling to the left. You don’t need to reach the return button at the top of the screen. Use this feature to make the application easier and faster.

No root: Most WhatsApp modification requires Android roots smoothly. But it works well on non-rooted devices. There is no need to root your phone because this neglects your phone guarantee and has many other side effects.

Emoji variable: New and general expressive symbols have been added, allowing you to express yourself creatively. Your conversation becomes more modern and different. This mod comes with an expressive variable that contains a lot of virtual emojis. With this type, you can send hundreds of emojis to your contacts.

Hide chat division: Get rid of these chat stores! This feature hides these chat breaks to give the chat box a unique look. You can hide frequently contacted chats by using the privacy status icon on your WhatsApp.

Hide the connection profile image: Hide the call profile image. You can enable this feature if you don’t want to see your contacts. Only in your chat will be displayed. In KLWhatsApp, you will see many new features.

Disable Message counter: You can enable/disable the messaging counter from the operator or home screen. Sometimes the notification badge icons can be annoying, especially if you are busy. This feature allows you to disable it to avoid interference.

Advantages and Disadvantages of KLWhatsApp


By using the latest version of KLWhatsApp, you will have a separate status tab that shows you the status screen style. The launcher icon helps you to see WhatsApp status and also you can hide view status mod. You can hide the heart icon and get language and font changes on the main screen same as in basic mods.


You will not find KLWhatsApp on the google play store so you will have to download KLWhatsApp APK from third-party websites.

Install KL WhatsApp Mod on Android Smartphone

Click on the download button to get KLWhatsApp APK. Wait for the download to get completed. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources. Find the downloaded file from the file manager and tap on the install button.

When the installation process is completed, you can open the app and start using it on your android smartphone. You can also use the same method to download an updated version of KLWhatsApp.

Note: WhatsApp mods are not trusted and safe as compared to the original WhatsApp that’s why think twice before downloading them on your phone.

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Android 4.0.3
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Aug 14, 2022

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