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SHAREit APK is a file-sharing app that allows you to transfer files to other devices. It is used to transfer files from one device to another faster than normal Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It works wirelessly between devices and does not limit the size of your file.

You are allowed to share anything from the most popular file formats (images, audio, videos,) to less popular file formats like APK files, address books, or any other file type stored on your smartphone.


SHAREit – Connect & Transfer is a file-sharing app that is developed for fast transfer between all types of devices. The only thing is that you have to install this app on both ends. That is, both the receiver and transmitter smartphone or tablet must have SHAREit – ON the connection and transfer to complete the transfer.

The app can ship on a number of different platforms to set it apart from the competition, especially since it can be used on iOS. Transfer work from Android to iPhone as well as to other smartphones, tablets, and computers including Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Reasons to Download SHAREit

If you find that you need to send large amounts of data quickly, it makes sense to have an app like SHAREit on your phone. The fact that it’s fast gives it an advantage over relying on Bluetooth.

There are many similar apps that let you perform the same function such as Xender and XShare. SHAREit is among one them. Since you won’t be limited in choosing the platforms you can cast to or the file types, this means you can save time with just one app.

When you’re using SHAREit on your Android, different file types can be transferred to other devices or people using other smartphones. By sharing through this app, you can transfer data to four different devices simultaneously.

It is a cross-platform that enables you to send large files. You don’t need cloud storage to transfer your data, so there’s no subscription, and the process is free. You just need to download the app on your smartphone or access the website on your PC and Mac.

Functions of SHAREit – Transfer & Share

With SHAREit – Connect & Transfer, you can easily send files between two devices, regardless of their operating system. This means that your files are transferred from your Android to other platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and even your Windows PC.

Since SHAREit uses WiFi Direct, there is no limit to the file size you can share. Your big or small movies and many more apps can be transferred in seconds. Also, create user groups so that you can transfer any file to multiple people at once.

Another neat function is the sharing area. It can be used to share some files with your friends. You can also visit their sharing area to collect files from them. SHAREit also includes an application with the function of copying and transferring all the information on your phone to another device.

Transfer Files With Establishing Internet Connection

One of the best things about SHAREit – transfer & share is that it gives you the ability to share your files faster than traditional Bluetooth sharing. Instead of using the Bluetooth connection that has a low bandwidth, SHAREit uses the speed of a direct wireless hotspot to transfer your file.

There is a difference between a regular WiFi network and a wireless hotspot. The hotspot is used by SHAREit – technically connects directly to the recipient’s device in the same way as Bluetooth, but more efficient. There is no wifi internet.

Forget Accessing Bluetooth Connection

SHAREit allows you to bypass all the time-consuming steps. The file you want to share goes directly to the recipient’s device without anyone in between. It connects all user devices to a small private network that allows free data transfer between them quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to this direct connection, large file sharing such as videos, executables and possibly compressed files are no longer a pain to share with other devices.

Features of the SHAREit App

Faster than Bluetooth: Shareit is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed is up to 20M/s. It is a straightforward process that can be completed in seconds. The actual transfer is even faster. The speed can reach 20 Mbps. It can handle multiple file transfers, though you’ll need to reopen the app to start a new transfer.

Transfer all types of data: You can transfer all types of data without losing quality. Share Photos, videos, music, installed apps, and any other data. You can send files without any problem with file size with the help of SHAREit technologies.

Cross-platform: Shareit is a cross-platform sharing app for phones, computers, and tablets, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows XP/7/8 latest version.

Redial the phone: Duplicate Contacts, Videos, other Apps, SMS messages, MMS messages, Music, and other data from your old phone to your new phone with just one click.

Unlimited Online Videos: HD and selective, offline viewing, continuous updates.

Best video player: SHAREit has built-in music and video player for your content or the songs and videos you search for in the app. The app supports almost all formats and provides you with a smooth gaming experience. It supports most file formats including MP3 and MP4.

Find trending music: Millions of high-quality songs and thousands of curated playlists. You can send music however there is internet needed for receiving and sending devices.

Better connectivity: By accessing the site, Shareit helped users find it. Thus, the Android system needs access to this permission.

Find out soon: By accessing a Bluetooth connection, SHAREit can more quickly detect nearby SHAREit users to communicate more effectively with the sender/receiver.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SHAREit


SHAREit – transfer & share app can transfer files by using an internet connection. You can transfer all the files in this free program. You can also receive files by accessing the location. You can share photos, documents, videos, text data, audio, and even APK with Shareit!

It’s faster than Bluetooth and the good news is that you can use Share-It without an internet connection. You can use this app to transfer files on two devices by having the same network. It is an amazing file transfer app for transferring files from one to another device.


It may lose connection from the receiving device and you have to send files again. You will have to select files because it may interrupt sending files.

Install the APK File of SHAREit on Your Android Device

Click on the download button to download SHAREit for the Android system. Go to the settings of your android and enable unknown sources to install the app. Find the downloaded APK file from the file manager and tap on the install button.

When the installation process is completed, you can open the SHAREit – transfer & share by clicking on the app icon and share files at full speed to the other device.

Note: This app is available in the Google Play Store. So if you are interested to use this app, you can also go to the play store to install this application on your phone.

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