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SHAREit APK is an app that transfers files from one device to another, unlike Bluetooth or regular Wi-Fi. Basically, SHAREit is an alternative to cloud storage. It shares files hundreds of times faster than Bluetooth. It allows you to share files between different devices using a Wi-Fi connection. This means that both receiving and sending the smartphone or tablet must run SHAREit to complete the transfer.

Share anything less than common file formats (images, videos, mp3) in popular file formats such as address book, APK files, or any other type of file stored on your smartphone. Shareit is an application for transferring files from one device to another, independent of the operating system installed in the device. You can send files to iOS devices, desktop computers, or any multi-platform device.

How does SHAREit APK Works?

SHAREit APK is an app for sending photos, music, and more to other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection. This free software uses a personal hotspot to share between up to five devices. Although many alternatives offer the same service, this app eliminates the migration limit.

The way it works is very easy and safe. Instead of using a public Wi-Fi connection over the air, or some kind of Bluetooth setup, it will create its own direct wireless connection, suitable for up to five devices. Basically, this means that unless a specific device is programmed to use the network, it cannot enter the exchange or steal files.

What can we do with SHAREit APK?

SHAREit is an app for fast transfer between all types of devices. With SHARE it APK, you can easily send files between two devices, regardless of whether they’re running on any operating system. This means that your files are sent from your Android device to your iPhone, iPad, and even your Windows PC. Otherwise, create user groups so you can move any file to multiple people at once.

Safe transfer of media using SHAREit APK

Unlike cloud storage, only designated devices can access the base station. Therefore, it is safer than traditional sharing methods. This may not be the fastest way to share or move your files today, but it is one of the safest, and certainly, the easiest to follow. There is only one thing: you need to install this app on both ends.

Free to use

When you download SHAREit APK, you stumble upon some ads and extra features that you don’t expect. Additional features include playing games, finding popular music, accessing a large library of gifs and stickers, and playing videos. This distributed focus affects the main purpose of this application, the quality of file sharing.

Connect five devices at once

This software also supports multiple simultaneous connections. You can share the same file with up to five devices at once. It works even if each of them is a different brand. Surprisingly, it can reach up to 20MB / s when transferred via Wi-Fi. It is 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection.

Unlimited transfer

If you’ve ever tried to email a large file, you’ve probably seen a size limit message. This limit is present on many platforms. For example, you can share the same information with WhatsApp, but it limits conversions to 16MB. SHARE it APK has no size limit, so you can send as many files as you want.

SHAREit is a software application that provides users with almost unparalleled transfer speeds. It can be used to send and receive files between devices and at different speeds and is said to be one of the fastest in the industry today.

Share in original quality

Often, other applications drop the quality of large transfers to save space. However, this application suits the basic features of each file. When you send a 320kb / s song to your phone, it stays the same throughout the process. If you need to send important documents or photos, SHAREit is the best app.


  • File sharing is very secure.
  • Compatible with any Android operating system
  • Up to 5 Android devices can be connected.
  • Not as sensitive as cloud storage.


  • Large files can lead to incorrect transfers.
  • Sharing may be slow
  • The connection may be disconnected from time to time.

About Shareit APK

SHAREit APK is a cross-platform that supports all platforms for easy sharing. SHAREit helps you quickly share music, videos, and apps from one device to another. In addition, items are transmitted via Wi-Fi hotspots. To transfer content to multiple people, you can also create groups, just like in WhatsApp. You can send data in all shapes and sizes.

Overall, SHARe it APK is an app that has many different uses to improve your productivity, from transferring files to backing up information on your device.

What's new

Some improvements, and now the video playback is clearer.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.1
19.15 MB
Oct 19th, 2021

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