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WhatsApp Go APK is such an inspiring mod of WhatsApp providing you with speed improvements along with message ability. You can do many things in this famous version of WhatsApp mod. There are a lot of hidden features for users to take advantage of this mod.

As WhatsApp is a popular communication app, many mods are here to serve you such as GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp to serve you with those features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. The same thing can be done in WhatsApp Go.

About WhatsApp Go APK

WhatsApp Go is a modified new version of WhatsApp that has a similar look but with different features. There are a lot of bugs fixes and speed improvements as compared to other modified versions which you will find out once you download WhatsApp Go APK on your phone.

This modified version has an anti-revoke ability to make your privacy more secure. If you find glitches while using other mods, then you will surely be happy to know that it has fixed unable to save media and other files on the gallery and other bugs.

These are not the only functions of this mod. They have improved the default mode and fixed unable to download files from WhatsApp.

Why This WhatsApp Mod Is Good Than The Official WhatsApp?

As you know using mods is better than the official apps because, in the modified versions, the developers provide you with additional features. This mod just only looks like WhatsApp but you will find more features in this version. Sending files is very easy with the help of this most famous version of WhatsApp.

You can customize your chat screen and hide the DND mode icon so that you will not get disturbed by annoying calls. It is easy to download media by using this modified version of WhatsApp. You can also resume voice recordings in this app.

Functions of WhatsApp Go

In the latest version of WhatsApp Go, there are a lot of bugs fixes and speed improvements. This mod added the ability to hide your status views so that other people will never know you have seen his status on WhatsApp. You can hide double tick and also hide the DND mode icon.

Has your friends’ status hide? Now, this is not a problem anymore. You can also hide the status view. There is also a hiding online status function that allows you to hide your online status. They have added calls blocker privacy and the group admin number ability is much improved.

Hidden Functions of WhatsApp Go

The hidden features have different functions such as you can hide status views as well as viewing deleted messages. You will see improved default mode and a lot of speed improvements and enable custom media auto-download for which particular contact you want to download.

You can also enable a global voice note player in WhatsApp Go. These are not only functions that you will see in WhatsApp Go but a lot more. You can hide blue tick, double tick, enable DND mod ability, send voice messages, read deleted messages, and other control aspects of WhatsApp Go.

Features of WhatsApp Go

DND Mode: By enabling DND mode, you can get rid of all those WhatsApp notifications that disturb you while using other apps on your phone. You will not receive a single message when you enable this feature. This feature is not in the original version.

Anti Revoke: To make your chat more secure no one will be able to save your message when you send them enabled disappearing messages. In this mod, you can use the Anti revoke feature for disappearing messages once the other person opens it.

Hide Chats: If you are giving your phone to someone and wonder whether they read your chats then the possible solution to this problem is to download WhatsApp Go APK file. In this mod, you can hide your chats and give your phone to your contacts without any problem.

Anti-ban: You will never going to get banned from using this mod because it comes with the anti-ban feature. This feature comes in handy when you often use mods.

Themes: You will be provided with a lot of themes in WhatsApp Go that you can apply to your app and make your app unique and beautiful from others. It will give a refreshing look to your screen.

Video Previews: Along with bugs fixes and speed improvements they have added a preview option that allows you to the video preview. If you record a video from Go WhatsApp Camera then you can preview it.

Hide Status View: Just like viewing deleted messages, you can view status secretly without telling anyone. This is the best-added ability that you will not find in the original WhatsApp.

New Media Picker: You can pick new media and send them to your friends with the help of this mod. If you enabled reaction notifications, you can react to a specified message.

Download statuses: If you like the status of your contact, you will not need to ask your contact to send that status. Now with the help of WhatsApp Go, you can download and share status of your contacts on your phone gallery.

Sending files large: WhatsApp users have definitely complained about sending a large video because when you send a large video on WhatsApp, it will be cut and thus you can only send half of the video. But in this version, you can send large videos without cutting.

Privacy for groups and chats: WhatsApp Go provides you with privacy options for groups and chats. Once you download WhatsApp Go in the latest version, you will know those features.

Copy the statuses: You can copy the status of your contacts if you like it. Now you will not need to write the whole text. Just tap the text and the status will be copied.

Fixes in WhatsApp Go

When you install WhatsApp Go in the new version, you are provided with many cool features. You can control aspects like a blue tick, auto download, enable custom call blocker, drawing tools, and share status just like the Instagram mod.

The developers of this mod also added blue tick and bug fixes and speed improvements. Your chats can now be mute forever In the new update. They have fixed the anti-view status and now it supports languages more than the original app.

Advantages and Disadvantages


You can send messages, voice recordings, voice calls, and voice notes along with adjusting aspects of Go WhatsApp. There is also an anti-delete status and horizontal media bar that have different functions. You can save the sender number and send more than one message.


You may risk your personal data when you download and install WhatsApp Go. Sometimes you may find yourself unable to open the app.

Download WhatsApp Go In The Latest Version

Get the APK file of WhatsApp Go in the latest version by clicking on the download button. You can also search WhatsApp. Wait for the download to be completed on your phone after you click on the download button. Go to the settings of your device and enable unknown sources to install unknown apps.

Tap the downloaded file and wait till the installation is completed. Now enter your phone number and start enjoying this mod. You can also use this method to download the updated version of WhatsApp Go because, in the updated version, bug fixes and speed improvements are the main criteria to improve.

Note: This third-party app is not created by the official WhatsApp that’s why it is not wise to trust this app. The bug fixes in this app can not be fully trusted.

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