Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction



Avenge for a brutal murder.



Splinter Cell Conviction APK has introduced many new gameplay features in the Splinter Cell series. Splinter Cell is an amazing shooting game developed by Gameloft, the best developer in the Play Store. This gameplay with Multi-Function Joystick is complex but simple.

Play with Sam Fisher, who discovers his daughter’s level 3 infidelity in his daughter’s murder investigation. Now you have to avenge this brutal murder. One such feature is the “Select and Action” feature, which allows the player to select specific targets, such as enemies or objects, and shoot them all at once without having to manually target them.

Why should we download Splinter Cell Conviction APK?

Splinter Cell Conviction APK is a highly mobile and functional shooter game with a well-thought-out approach from the player’s point of view for Android devices. This version was developed and improved by Gameloft Studios, which managed to implement a great graphic design, properly select musical accompaniment, as well as decorate and diversify the gameplay, and add fun and interesting content.

Offers a wide selection of controlled recreational equipment, coaches, and weapons, as well as exceptional methods of skill and expertise. The player’s job is to ruthlessly eliminate all enemies and other obstacles along the way, thus turning the player’s character into the best professional.

How to play Splinter Cell Conviction APK?

The Splinter Cell Conviction APK mission takes Sam Fisher from a third-person perspective with an internal stealth element. Where you have to get the enemies out before they see you are the order of the day. You can also use Sam’s ability to see through closed doors.

The analog stick automatically switches between high speed and stealth movement. While you get several multi-purpose buttons to jump or fire your weapon between the covers. Due to the limited amount of materials used, it takes some time to really master the core system.

The gameplay of Splinter Cell Conviction APK

A powerful and extensive government agency suddenly fired you. But if Splinter Cell Conviction users who are looking for bloody grunts and dizziness are expecting this game is not for them. Here we need a special approach to all the work performed, it is necessary to work calmly and clearly. This is the secret of success.

Players have a long way to go – from Iraq to Washington, they have to be very careful and vigilant, keeping a close eye on their hero, so as not to be caught prematurely.

Become a real secret agent, use all your abilities, activate your intelligence, try to improve, and reveal all the cards in this mystery game. With a huge selection of equipment, weapons, and armor at your disposal, all these items, and their psychic abilities, you will click on a surface like nuts.


These are the features in this game:

  • It has a very strict attitude.
  • There are many new weapons.
  • This is an impressive shooting game.
  • You will see many new tricks and skills.
  • This is a promising sequel to the popular series.

About the game

Get ready to play Sam Fisher’s One Man Army and take down your enemies on your mobile phone to complete the Splinter Cell Conviction mission. The game that many people have enjoyed on their PC is now available for download and play on mobile phones. For fans of the real Splinter Cell Conviction, this APK file could be a way to transform your mobile gaming experience and take it to the next level.

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January 22, 2021

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