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Xender APK is a file transfer and sharing app for Android users. It is a tool that enables amazingly fast file transfer between Android devices. It is a great file transfer tool for its user-friendly interface and incredible transfer speed. Additionally, you can send files to up to five different devices simultaneously.

Instead of using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Xender uses the NFC protocol for all devices involved in the transfer, giving transfer rates 4-40 times faster than regular Bluetooth. It is possible to send and receive files on your Android device to other devices using Xender, an app that works without cables, internet, or Bluetooth.

How do Xender APK works?

The easiest way to transfer from Android to Android. First, activate your portable hotspot and get another mobile phone (up to four devices can be synced simultaneously) to connect to your hotspot. Secondly, open the Xender app and tap on the plus (+) icon and “Create Group”. From other Android phones, tap the plus (+) icon and then tap Join Group. After that, you will click on “Groups” and you will be connected. Oh! That is the matter.

Once all requirements are met (all users pass and the app is installed), Xender begins its magic. You can transfer files to any device at a very high speed. All you have to do is create a transfer group and (obviously) be close to the user you want to transfer files to. This is very important: Xender only works if the person you want to transfer files to is nearby. The process is the same with all mobile operating systems.

Why should we use Xender APK?

It comes with a very attractive function for Android users: if one of our friends has an app that we really like, he can simply send us the APK installation file via Xender and share it with us. No personal details or activity data other than the original game package will be disclosed.

This file transfer tool for Android creates your own short-range Wi-Fi using the connectivity capabilities of our smartphone or tablet. The recipient (iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Mac) just needs to install the app and be close to the phone so that it can be detected on the newly created network.

Faster file sharing app

Not too long ago, Bluetooth technology was popular, but Xander has taken advantage of new technology that allows devices to create their own local Wi-Fi network. This means that there is no data charging and it is faster than Bluetooth. In fact, Xender file transfers are 200 times faster. You are now free to share your files.

Xender APK is a cross-platform file-sharing app that uses a wireless connection to transfer files, photos, music, and videos at lightning speed. With Xender APK, you can transfer almost anything from Android: contacts, files, photos, music, videos, and apps. It allows users to easily transfer and share files without relying on the internet or mobile data.

Share media using Xender

The software is enabled using the local Wi-Fi network. Xender app can transfer files from mobile to mobile, mobile to PC, and PC to mobile. This process varies slightly depending on the operating system you are using. The easiest way is to transfer from Android to Android and with iOS, it’s the only cross-platform transfer you might have a problem with.

When it comes to downloading apps, Apple has strict rules (for better and for worse). As a result, it can be difficult to migrate apps to an iOS device, but everything else works the same way.

Xender app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology that enables two devices to act as Wi-Fi providers with one device over WiFi (peer-to-peer). Simply put, devices exchange data via local Wi-Fi points maintained by the device. Both devices are not required to support Wi-Fi Direct. One is enough, and the other can connect to this device just as it connects to another Wi-Fi access point.


These are the features provided by this app:

  • Share all kinds of items on your smartphone with other devices: songs, apps, documents, photos, videos…
  • Built-in music and video playback.
  • No need to connect to any data network.
  • Compatible with various operating systems.
  • Transfers are 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • There is no limit to the amount of data that can be transferred.

Key to success

The key to the success of this application is not only the speed with which it can transfer files but also the functionality it offers as cross-platform software. Xender comes with a built-in file manager. Forget clogged data cables, slow Bluetooth and the apps that use up your mobile data, and the tools needed to install software on your mobile phone.

The software is simple and well designed, it’s free, contains no ads, and works on multiple platforms in 30 languages. While many other apps will do some of these things, none of them will do all of them.

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